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Phil Robertson Biography

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  Phil Robertson,  star of the television reality series Duck Dynasty, was born  April 24, 1946 in Vivian, Louisiana, USA.  Brought up in a poor family of two sisters  (Judith and Janice) and four brothers (James, Harold, Thomas, and Silas), his lodgings were squalid, lacking electricity, running water, and bathroom facilities.  Food was obtained from fruits and vegetables in the garden, pigs, poultry, fishing,  and hunting deer, squirrels, and other game. Phil said to Parade Magazine in August of 2013, “We were so poor as kids. I didn’t even see a bathtub, running water, hot water, commode–we didn’t have any of… Read More »Phil Robertson Biography

Korie Robertson Set to Release a Faith Curriculum

Wanting to spread her faith even further, Korie Robertson has teamed up with her mother, Chrys Howard, to make a curriculum titled Faith Commander: Living Five Values from the Parables of Jesus.  It is a five-week-long guide to five parables that the Robertson family thinks are important for people of all ages to learn.  Releasing in May, the set will include a book, along with a DVD of the Robertsons telling stories about the parables.  There are three different versions of the curriculum, an adult, a youth, and a child version so people of all ages can enjoy the message.  Korie is… Read More »Korie Robertson Set to Release a Faith Curriculum

Is Duck Dynasty Magic Fading?

For the past couple of weeks, the ratings for Duck Dynasty have been good, but not great.   In the past, the show had been able to grab, on average, 8 million viewers a week.  Last week, the show managed to get only 2.5 million viewers.  This week the show only had 2.3 million views.  It remains the number one cable show one Wednesdays, but it no longer is tops for the week among cable shows.  That honor now belongs to The Walking Dead. Some are saying the show has been airing too long, and that two seasons is the… Read More »Is Duck Dynasty Magic Fading?

Phil Robertson Not Interested In Senate Run

A Democratic poll in the state of Louisiana shows that only one candidate could be beat the incumbent senator Mary Landrieu, and that candidate would be Phil Robertson.  Fortunately for Mary, Phil is not interested in the job.   Phil’s son, Al Robertson, said that Phil preferred to focus on Christ rather than politics.  “While Phil is humbled and honored that so many fellow Louisianans have confidence in him, he has no interest in running for public office,” Al said.  “He is interested in helping the electorate know more about the gospel of Christ, so they, in turn, can elect more… Read More »Phil Robertson Not Interested In Senate Run

Willie Robertson’s Big Tip

Willie and Korie Robertson aren’t so tight with the money they have been making off of the Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty brands.  While the couple was in Washington, DC for President Obama’s State of the Union address, they had dinner at the Washington Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse with Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and his wife, Senator Ted Cruz,  and talk radio host Mark Levin.   Apparently a good time was had, because the group stayed until 2 AM, long past the restaurant’s normal closing time of 11 PM.   The bill for the night?  $5,000!    Willie grabbed the check and paid the… Read More »Willie Robertson’s Big Tip

Duck Commander Sponsors NASCAR

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The April 6, 2014 Sprint Cup race at the Texas Motor Speedway will officially be known as the Duck Commander 500. The Robertson family has signed a sponsorship deal with the Speedway, giving them rights to name the event. Speedway president, Eddie Gossage said, “This is perhaps the most unique sponsorship in professional sports because not only does this come with special branding, it comes with celebrity spokespeople that are followed by tens of millions of people every week”. Willie Robertson, the CEO of Duck Commander said, “We are all big fans of NASCAR and have been all our lives.… Read More »Duck Commander Sponsors NASCAR

John Godwin – Cast Bio

Godwin, along with Justin Martin (Martin), is one of only two regular cast members of Duck Dynasty who is not part of the Robertson family. His official title at Duck Commander is Shipping Manager, but he also builds duck calls and manages supplies. He has worked at Duck Commander since 2002. John Godwin, or as his fellow employees call him, Godwin, was born on September 6, 1962 in Louisiana.  Godwin met Phil Robertson when Godwin was just a boy. His daddy took him to a duck calling contest. Godwin thought he was just there to watch, but his daddy told… Read More »John Godwin – Cast Bio

Duck Dynasty Resuming Production

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Al Robertson, the elder sibling of Willie, Jase and Jep, has reported that this Monday, the cast will resume filming of the Season 5 finale and parts of Season 6. The filming will be the first since Phil Robertson’s controversial comments about homosexuality. Originally, Phil was suspended from further production, but A&E later reversed that decision, and Phil is expected to appear in the finale. The “Beardless Bro” says hunting season is over and it is time to shave off his beard so he can go out among the “shaved skins” to promote Duck Commander and the family. Al has… Read More »Duck Dynasty Resuming Production

Duck Dynasty Ratings Down Some

Wednesday’s episode of Duck Dynasty “only” averaged 6.65 million viewers. That is a pretty significant drop from last year’s average of 9.4 million viewers per episode. It was still the third most watched show on Wednesday night for the 18-49 year-olds, only behind American Idol and Modern Family. Some are saying this is fallout from Phil Robertson’s comments made last month about gays . Others are saying it is natural for shows to lose viewers as time progresses. Yet others are saying they are getting sick of the show and that the jokes are becoming repetitive. What do you think?… Read More »Duck Dynasty Ratings Down Some

National Chick-PHIL-A Day

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014 was officially deemed National Chick-Phil-A day. Fans of Phil Robertson decided to show their support for him  after his recent controversy with gay rights groups, by organizing a “support Phil” day at Chick-Fil-A restaurants throughout the country.   Supporters say that they think Phil is going through something similar to what Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy went through after he commented on gay marriage in 2012.  They decided that the best way to show support for Phil and Chick-fil-A was to meet at the nation’s Chick-fil-A restaurants, just like hundreds of thousands of people did in 2012 during… Read More »National Chick-PHIL-A Day