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National Chick-PHIL-A Day

Tuesday, Jan 21, 2014 was officially deemed National Chick-Phil-A day. Fans of Phil Robertson decided to show their support for him  after his recent controversy with gay rights groups, by organizing a “support Phil” day at Chick-Fil-A restaurants throughout the country.   Supporters say that they think Phil is going through something similar to what Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy went through after he commented on gay marriage in 2012.  They decided that the best way to show support for Phil and Chick-fil-A was to meet at the nation’s Chick-fil-A restaurants, just like hundreds of thousands of people did in 2012 during the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day .

Chick-fil-A company officials are distancing themselves from the event and are not officially associated with it.  In a statement, Chick-fil-A said that the event is “in no way sponsored by or affiliated with Chick-fil-A.”

The Facebook page states that you should

  1. Wear your Duck Commander or camouflage gear
  2.  Eat at Chick-fil-A

You can find out more at the National Chick-PHIL-A Day Facebook Page.

1 thought on “National Chick-PHIL-A Day”

  1. I fell in love with Duck Dynasty the first second that I watched it. Yes of course the show is funny to me and some of my favorite characters are SI, JASE, & GODWIN; BUT there is one character that I not only consider the BEST but also see him as a mentor and someone who inspires me….PHIL. If more fathers raise there families in the manner that Phil has then the world would be a much better place. My entire life (I am 25 yrs. old) I have always had an older male role model in my life with similar characteristics as Phil which have greatly impacted my life. Several years back those role models of mine passed away within two weeks of each other, but every time I see Phil I get a quick remembrance of the two role models I once have. Overall, Phil is someone that I deeply respect, great role model and mentor, and a guide to how I plan to raise my family. Phil being famous has nothing to do with the reason that I value, respect him, and why I see him as a mentor. Like I said earlier he is like a combination reflection of the best two role models/mentors that I have ever had in my life so I see him as a normal person and “famous” does not come into the picture. I would do anything in the world to be able to meet him if it was only for five minutes. Cameras set aside and giving me five minutes I would simply firmly shake his hand while looking him in the eyes and say I respect you, I want to be just like you, and I thank you for all that you have done for the ones that have watched the show. Because people who watch the show are influenced by his values and beliefs and again I thank Phil for that. Again, I would do anything in this world to be given just five minutes with Phil. I thank you for the time that you have given me today and look forward to hearing from you one day. Until everyone keep up the great work and continue to influence this nation in the manner that you all do because this company needs influencing in the way that Phil and his family does. Thank You & GOD BLESS!!!

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