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Duck Dynasty Resuming Production

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Al Robertson, the elder sibling of Willie, Jase and Jep, has reported that this Monday, the cast will resume filming of the Season 5 finale and parts of Season 6. The filming will be the first since Phil Robertson’s controversial comments about homosexuality. Originally, Phil was suspended from further production, but A&E later reversed that decision, and Phil is expected to appear in the finale.

Alan Robertson and wife Lisa

The “Beardless Bro” says hunting season is over and it is time to shave off his beard so he can go out among the “shaved skins” to promote Duck Commander and the family. Al has typically not had a beard in his appearances on the show, but he grows one every duck season. The Robertsons claim they allow their beards to grow long because they don’t want to use shaving cream or anything else that will change their odor. The beards also help keep them warm while they sit in the blinds. Plus, they just look plain cool, even though Phil says Alan with a beard looks like Yasser Arafat.

The men of the family have traditional grown the beards during hunting season, but shave them off after the season ends. Since the show has become a hit, and the beards are a big part of the show, all of them but Alan, keep their beards. According to Alan, the others have a clause in their contracts saying they have to keep the beards at a certain length. I guess Alan’s contract says he can’t have a beard, probably so they can call him the “Beardless One” and make fun of him for his lack of facial hair.

The family sat down with the A&E production teams and they are ready to put the controversy behind them and begin a new season with new cast members to mix up the stories. Episode 4 of Season 5, “From Duck ’til Dawn” airs this Wednesday on A&E at 10/9c.

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