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Willie Robertson’s Big Tip

Willie and Korie Robertson aren’t so tight with the money they have been making off of the Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty brands.  While the couple was in Washington, DC for President Obama’s State of the Union address, they had dinner at the Washington Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse with Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and his wife, Senator Ted Cruz,  and talk radio host Mark Levin.   Apparently a good time was had, because the group stayed until 2 AM, long past the restaurant’s normal closing time of 11 PM.   The bill for the night?  $5,000!    Willie grabbed the check and paid the bill, while leaving an additional $5,000 for the wait staff.  

Most of us feel generous leaving our 20 percent.  Willie’s tip is a whopping 100%.  You can’t accuse him of being cheap.

1 thought on “Willie Robertson’s Big Tip”

  1. Mr. Robinson you’re a man after my own heart a lot of my feelings come from what you say and I listen to you every time I can I record your shows and watch them constantly you’re the most important man in my life right now I look up to you greatly yes I grew up in Des Moines Iowa on the farm and did a lot of things that you folks do down where you are and still to this day I’m waiting to go back into the country I’m 60 now still doing what I can do and would love to hear from you I am your biggest fan yours truly leif horton

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