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Phil Robertson Not Interested In Senate Run

A Democratic poll in the state of Louisiana shows that only one candidate could be beat the incumbent senator Mary Landrieu, and that candidate would be Phil Robertson.  Fortunately for Mary, Phil is not interested in the job.   Phil’s son, Al Robertson, said that Phil preferred to focus on Christ rather than politics.  “While Phil is humbled and honored that so many fellow Louisianans have confidence in him, he has no interest in running for public office,” Al said.  “He is interested in helping the electorate know more about the gospel of Christ, so they, in turn, can elect more godly men and women to serve and lead our great country.”

Can you imagine the press coverage of the election if Phil had decided to run?  In December, Phil was embroiled in a controversy when he made comments in GQ Magazine that were offensive to gay rights groups.  That story lit up the headlines for almost two weeks.  If Phil decided to run, I’m sure that issue and many others, including his obsession with duck hunting, would cause quite a stir in the media.  Too bad we won’t get to see that.  We can still hope for the “Si for President” movement to pick up steam…

2 thoughts on “Phil Robertson Not Interested In Senate Run”

  1. May God bless all of you people are the best God will bless you take care of his kind do you have the best show on TV keep it so it gives me something to look forward to

  2. Think Phil Robertson would be a great senator. We need good Christian,s in our government. We have taken God and Christianity out of our government, schools and our lives. Life in America would be much better with God in our lives. Maybe Mr. Robertson could bring some common sense back in our government.

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