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Is Duck Dynasty Magic Fading?

For the past couple of weeks, the ratings for Duck Dynasty have been good, but not great.   In the past, the show had been able to grab, on average, 8 million viewers a week.  Last week, the show managed to get only 2.5 million viewers.  This week the show only had 2.3 million views.  It remains the number one cable show one Wednesdays, but it no longer is tops for the week among cable shows.  That honor now belongs to The Walking Dead.

Some are saying the show has been airing too long, and that two seasons is the maximum that a reality show like this should air.  They think that the viewers are saturated with the Robertsons and all of the marketing associated with the Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander brands.  Let’s face it, Duck Dynasty did seem to be everywhere one turned just a few short weeks ago.

Others are saying that Phil Robertson’s comments about homosexuality have caused the drop in the ratings.  While it’s true that ratings did drop for this season’s premiere, the show maintained a healthy 8.5 million viewers for that episode, an enviable number for any cable TV show.  Still others are saying that people are occupied with the Winter Olympics and they will return to Duck Dynasty after the Olympics are finished.

What do you think?   Why are Duck Dynasty ratings dropping so low?  Leave your comments below.


10 thoughts on “Is Duck Dynasty Magic Fading?”

  1. For me, there are too many reruns. I would watch it more often but am tired of seeing the same episodes. Maybe change the time. Ten is late for a lot of people. Put it up against different programs at an earlier time. See where it works best. this is the type of show that should be shown during family viewing

  2. We watch your show no matter what yes need to update because the kids r getting older but we do still fined ur show funny big fans

  3. Can not find it on T.V love the show meet Sie but I cannot find it. LOVE THEM ALL.Clanton Al. A good family show .All family’s need to watch this. Need more family time . That is what is wrong with our children.

  4. I just wanted to say maybe ratings may be dropping cuz people like me never knew this show existed. I was in the hospital for 30 days and A&E was the only channel playing due to the faact I couldnt work the remote from my illness. You need to educate people on the show and maybe things will build up for you. The people I talked to said this show has been on for years. Never knew that. Like I said, I didnt know about it. Now I love it. You guys crack me up and remind me of my brothers, all the crazy stuff they did including shooting firecrackers at each other across the yard. I remember an episode Jase said they threw knives at each others feet. My boyfriend at the time did that back in the 80s and got to say, thought they were idiots (no offense). I couldnt wait to tell my dad they chopped a toe off. THat would get me another date (LOL). Good luck to you guys. HOpe to keep the show on for a very long time cuz now I’m home and still watch it.

  5. please robertson family bring duck dynasty back on a&e it is a good show please robertson family please comback to television i beg you to come back to television and bring back duck dynasty on a&e iwan’t duck dynasty back on television on a&e so please robertson family please come back to television and please remain in the spotlight because your celebrities so please stay in the spotlight and please bring duck dynasty back on television pretty please.

  6. Best show on tv. I understand why it is no longer on. It takes time away from what they really want to do. Run their business & spread the good word. Only show on tv that I know of where there is no cursing. They pray at every meal & I love it. Would like to go to West Monroe to hear the Robertson preach. They are so uplifting. Always makes me feel better about our world. And I love uncle Si. He’s a trip.

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