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Woman Making Headbands for Duck Commander Co.

Lysa Ainsworth, a Hixson, TN resident who made headbands with her $89 sewing machine, noticed that the Duck Commanders website wasn’t selling any headbands.  As any fan of the Duck Dynasty show knows, most of the men on the show wear headbands.  Lysa  thought it was wrong that the website wasn’t selling them.  She suggested to them that they should include them.  They asked her to send a sample and she said she already had.   Within two weeks, they called her back and placed an order for 500 camo and 500 stars and stripes.  She says they sold out… Read More »Woman Making Headbands for Duck Commander Co.

Jase and Si Roberton Featured in Hallmark #birthdayfail Campaign

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Hallmark, the greeting card company, is trying to convince people that electronic cards and texts are not the same as a paper card. To accomplish this they are using the enormous marketing power of the Robertson name to get across their message. Ironically, the #birthdayfail campaign is a series of videos appearing on the Internet. The videos are actually kind of funny, since they’re featuring two of the funniest guys on television, Jase and Si. But are they going to be enough to save the faltering Hallmark? Here’s one of the videos that appear on YouTube:   Jase and… Read More »Jase and Si Roberton Featured in Hallmark #birthdayfail Campaign

I am Second® – The Robertsons Video

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Here’s the video on the Robertsons that I wrote about earlier.  You’ve got to see this.  It features testimony by Phil, Kay, Jep and Reed Robertson. Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin

Three Weeks Straight

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For the third week in a row, the Robertson clan has managed to stay atop the Billboard chart’s top selling country album for the week of Nov 30, 2013.  “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Christmas” has beat out Luke Bryans’s “Crash My Party” to be the number one selling album this week. I can see this thing beating out Garth Brook’s “The Chase” as the number one best selling country album of all time.  They just do it all! Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin

Everything’s Better with a Beard Book Coming

It seems the Robertson clan can’t stop writing.  They’ve already penned 5 books and had 3 more in the queue for 2014.  Now it has been revealed that they are writing a kid’s books.   The book,  written by Si, Willie, Phil, Jase, Jep and Alan Robertson, will be a photographic picture book with the message that everything – including rubber ducks and trucks – is better with a little facial hair.  Its called “Everything’s Better with a Beard”. Willie Robertson said  “We’re proud to now have books with our names on them to add to the collection, and we’re happy… Read More »Everything’s Better with a Beard Book Coming

Reed Robertson Back on Track With Jesus

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Reed Robertson, the 18 year old son of Jase and Missy Robertson, says he is “back on track with Jesus” after struggling to adapt to his family’s newfound fame.  He even contemplated suicide.  In the soon to be released video on,  Reed admitted that “No one wanted anything to do with a cynical person like me.” He said that a few years ago he got caught up in the fame and began to think he was better than everyone because of his family.  He started looking down on people and eventually nobody was there for him.  That led to… Read More »Reed Robertson Back on Track With Jesus

Jase and Si Robertson in State Farm Message – Think Before You Fry

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Jase and Si Robertson have teamed up with State Farm to record an appropriate message for the Thanksgiving season.  The funny video is a public service announcement warning about the dangers of deep frying a turkey.  As Willie says “You need to treat your turkey like you would your lady friend.” Previously, a teaser trailer promoting  the video was released: Jase and Si Robertson in State Farm Message – Think Before You Fry Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin

Jep and Jessica Robertson Fashion Moguls?

I guess after seeing their niece Sadie launch her own prom dress line, Jep and Jessica Robertson just had to join in on the action.  Jessica told People magazine that she and Jep are working with a designer on a new fashion line to be introduced in 2014.   The line is going to include both clothes and accessories.   Jessica told People “It will be at all the showrooms for boutiques to pick up. We are so excited about this business venture. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time.” Currently the two are working with Corello, a… Read More »Jep and Jessica Robertson Fashion Moguls?

The Robertsons Video on I Am Second

The Robertsons are going to be telling their story on the video testimony series at I Am Second .   The video will be released on Nov. 21 2013 and will include their recounting of the struggle to keep their family together.   Phil, Kay, Jep and Reed will give testimony.     Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin

Skye Loustalot Meets the Robertsons

On Friday, November 15th, the Robertsons appeared at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Jubilee in Fairhope, AL to speak to the crowds and meet a 13 year old girl with osteosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.  Phil, Si, Kay, Korie and Alan were there to pray over the bed of Skye Loustalot.  Skye, who two weeks earlier had had a mass removed from her abdomen, was driven to the event by ambulance staffers who knew her and volunteered to take her to the event.  Alan led the prayer in the drizzling rain and said  “I pray that you’ll bless her with healing… Read More »Skye Loustalot Meets the Robertsons