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The Robertsons Video on I Am Second

The Robertsons are going to be telling their story on the video testimony series at I Am Second .   The video will be released on Nov. 21 2013 and will include their recounting of the struggle to keep their family together.   Phil, Kay, Jep and Reed will give testimony.



5 thoughts on “The Robertsons Video on I Am Second”

  1. Thank you for your biblical stand on the subject of gay marraige. I appreciate you standing even though you knew there would be an uproar. Be courageus and stand for what is right. Thanks for your show.

  2. I am on my path to find Jesus. Find your family story very touching. In these times we are in many things are placed in our path. I pray I find Jesus, and the peace I am searching for. Even though I have been told by some of my family members, and friends to shut up about the gospel, I will NOT. Bless you and your family for having the strength and faith to pursue the truth.

  3. Well, I’ve just finished my “Atheist Theology 101” class, (“I AM SECOND”).

    The 1st ‘Q’ I’d ask this “half-cocked Theologian” would be “Have you ever done a thorough study of Genesis 3:15 & Chap. 6? His probable answer…”Ah…WHY?” And THAT answers my question of “WHY did you waste my time with all your ignorance when you could have simply said: ‘I do not understand why A&E tossed Phill …do YOU?’

    Then, simply, I’d ANSWER: “Yep! Sure do! Arrogance, ignorance & fear”.

    The ARROGANCE to think they (A&E) have the “CORNER” on what’s true & right, in relation to the Scripture, so that they’d feel secure in dumping Phil.

    Their IGNORANCE of the Scriptural realities revealed in Gen.3:15 & Chap.6; and

    Their FEAR of all those REALLY MEAN & DANGEROUS (tho, they believe, secretly right), “Gay Right” activists…”owww”…they whine…”OMG”! they scream! “They’ll SUE US”!…they moan.

    Now, — as usual — there’s a WHOLE LOT MORE TRUTH that this “amateur Theologian” character has ABSOLUTELY ZERO knowledge of, (that would explain all of the death penalties in Leviticus)…but he’s WAY too lazy to ACTUALLY “study to show himself approved, a workman who need not be ashamed…”; and so, he just wastes folks time “pontificating”…

  4. Having the stitz to go on “National Media” in this day and age of Wolf and Iron and tell the story of your Family,it’s trials and it’s faith is not just courageous; its inspiring.
    Each Family Head and their wives and children should be held as an example to EVERY family unit in the World.
    Well Done.

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