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Woman Making Headbands for Duck Commander Co.

Lysa Ainsworth, a Hixson, TN resident who made headbands with her $89 sewing machine, noticed that the Duck Commanders website wasn’t selling any headbands.  As any fan of the Duck Dynasty show knows, most of the men on the show wear headbands.  Lysa  thought it was wrong that the website wasn’t selling them.  She suggested to them that they should include them.  They asked her to send a sample and she said she already had.   Within two weeks, they called her back and placed an order for 500 camo and 500 stars and stripes.  She says they sold out of a partial shipment of the stars and stripes within two hours.  Since September, she has made and sold a couple thousand headbands.

willieIt just goes to show that Duck Dynasty doesn’t just make life better by making us laugh, it also makes life better by giving some the opportunity to make a living.  Lysa, who suffers from depression, says “your strength is gonna come if you’ll get up and take the first step. You do your part and he’ll do his. I know that because that’s the way it happened for me.”

Brava Lysa!

4 thoughts on “Woman Making Headbands for Duck Commander Co.”

  1. I just saw this! Thank you so much for this post. God is so great! I am humbled by your kind words of encouragement and am certain this will serve as encouragement to all who read it…that they are here for a divine purpose. It is my desire to share with others the overwhelming blessings and strength that comes by submitting to God’s guidance, by our prayers, faith and obedience. Thank you A&E. You will be blessed abundantly by your obedience in presenting to the lost world that all is not lost. There is hope and it is found in serving God!

    Lysa Ainsworth

  2. I am so proud to have Lysa as a friend! You could not of picked a finer God loving woman than her. Every head band that she cut sews and ships are made with LOVE & PRAYERS BEFORE LEAVING HER HOME.

  3. I’ve known Lysa for close to 25 years now and am so thrilled for her project!!! Thank you Duck Dynasty!! Love your family and thank you for not leaving behind your Christian values and being yourselves!!

  4. I am so happy that you chose this fine christian lady to work with you.
    She is a wonderful person and deserves this chance!

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