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Jep and Jessica Robertson Fashion Moguls?

I guess after seeing their niece Sadie launch her own prom dress line, Jep and Jessica Robertson just had to join in on the action.  Jessica told People magazine that she and Jep are working with a designer on a new fashion line to be introduced in 2014.   The line is going to include both clothes and accessories.   Jessica told People “It will be at all the showrooms for boutiques to pick up. We are so excited about this business venture. It’s been a dream of mine for a long time.”

Currently the two are working with Corello, a fashion label, to raise money for the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  They worked with designers to create a line of edgy clothing and jewelry with a motto of “Dress Like a Rock Star”.  You can find out more here: Corello’s Rock Fashion Label .

Perhaps next we’ll have Uncle Si coming out with his own line of camo hats and glasses.

1 thought on “Jep and Jessica Robertson Fashion Moguls?”

  1. These are just human beings,with the same human problems and challenges all humans have.
    Because they choose to rely on their faith to get them through,and because they are a bit higher profile than most,they are attacked.
    More power to them for going public with their trials and solutions.

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