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Duck Dynasty a Marketing Powerhouse

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Duck Dynasty related merchandise will reach over $400 million in sales this year according to marketing studies. This makes the Duck Dynasty “brand” one of the most successful in TV history. In case you haven’t noticed, Duck Dynasty merchandise is everywhere. You can find T-shirts, DVDs, books, mugs, headbands and more bearing the Duck Dynasty logo. Si Robertson seems to be one of the bigger hits with his “Si-cology 1: Tales and Wisdom from Duck Dynasty’s Favorite Uncle” on most of the non-fiction best seller lists. Replicas of Si’s famous teacup are a best seller on Amazon. Don’t forget the… Read More »Duck Dynasty a Marketing Powerhouse

Si Robertson Behind the Scenes

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In a new video on Youtube from Billboard magazine, Si Robertson talks about his reading of the “Night Before Christmas” for the “Duck the Halls” Christmas album.  Si says that he lately finds himself mistaking Willie for Santa.  “I don’t always see or hear things as well as I used to, and it is easy to mistake Willie for Santa. That is the basis for my new rendition of this holiday classic.  I mean, come on Jack! Willie needs to lose a few pounds and get the white out of his beard.”  In the video, Si sounds like he didn’t… Read More »Si Robertson Behind the Scenes

Jep Nails It!

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Wednesday night’s Duck Dynasty Christmas special had the Robertson clan preparing for a Nativity scene for their local church. During the rehearsal, Jep Robertson obsesses over his single line and worries that he may not get it right. His fellow cast members are no help. They ridicule him and tell him that his part, the Innkeeper, is irrelevant and there is no reason to worry about it. Martin, seconds before Jep is to make his debut, attempts to confuse Jep by telling him that his line is “There’s plenty of room at the inn”. Despite all of the harassment, Jep… Read More »Jep Nails It!

Willie and Jep Perform for Military in Afghanistan

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I think the Robertson’s “Hairy Christmas” is gonna be a hit along the lines of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas”. It is a really catchy tune. This time Willie and Jep take the song to the troops in Afghanistan. Chairman of the JSC, Gen Martin Dempsey, has posted on his Facebook page that Willie and Jep Robertson have gone to Afghanistan on Monday, to perform for the military and DOD civilians serving there. Gen. Dempsey sported an awesome faux beard to sing alongside Willie and Jep to the troops. I know I trashed Willie’s voice in the last post about his… Read More »Willie and Jep Perform for Military in Afghanistan

Duck Dynasty Christmas Special Wednesday

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Here are a couple of videos to help get you in the mood for the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 11, 2013 at 10:00 PM EST. In the special Christmas show titled “O Little Town of West Monroe”, the Robertson women’s rehearsal for a live nativity scene at their church turns rocky when the guys volunteer their opinions too much.  Also, Willie and Jase are looking to get the perfect gift for their wives, so Jep offers his suggestions.  Needless to say, Willie and Jase don’t think too highly of their little brother’s recommendation. If you… Read More »Duck Dynasty Christmas Special Wednesday

Millionth Call Sells for More Than $20K

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The one millionth duck call made this year by Duck Commander and signed by Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander has finally been sold at auction for $20,110 .  The proceeds of the auction are going to the Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association’s Wounded Warrior hunts.  Earlier last month the duck call was sold at auction for over $80,000, but the winning bidder backed out and the call was put up for auction again (see ).  Though the auction did not get the $80, 000 amount of the previous auction, the money is very much appreciated by the Wounded Warriors. John Nolan,… Read More »Millionth Call Sells for More Than $20K

Willie Robertson’s Beard Maintenance Tips

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If you’ve grown a beard for No Shave November and have become so accustomed to it that you’re going to keep it, Willie Robertson has some beard maintenance advice for you.  In an interview with Parade magazine earlier this year, Willie offered up this jewel: “I just run my fingers through it, stick my head out the window to dry it off after showering, and roll with it. I condition my hair, so whatever ends up dripping down into it is conditioned. It’s softer than you would think.” So there you have it.  Apparently it works too.  Jennifer Nettles, at… Read More »Willie Robertson’s Beard Maintenance Tips

America is Obsessed With Duck Dynasty

Although most of the people reading already know this, it is now official.  America is obsessed with Duck Dynasty.  Yahoo has released a list of top 10 obsessions of 2013, and the Duck Dynasty show tops the list.  They beat out some powerhouse shows like Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead.   Yahoo sites the 12 million viewers who watched the fourth season premier as the reason.  That and the fact that just about everywhere you turn nowadays, you will see or hear Duck Dynasty. Heck, you can’t even get bank-robbed anymore without encountering a Duck Dynasty wannabee.   The Fifth… Read More »America is Obsessed With Duck Dynasty

Your Next Child May Be Named Silas, Jack

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It seems there is nothing the Duck Dynasty phenomenon doesn’t touch. Everywhere you go, there is a product with the Duck Dynasty name on it. Now, even newborns are getting the Duck Dynasty touch. The Daily Mail reports that this year, more people than in previous years are naming their children Korie, Mia, Phil, Sadie and Silas. And the credit goes to Duck Dynasty. Naming babies Korie increased by 89 percent, while Mia was up 44 percent and Phil, Sadie and Silas increased 32, 23 and 15 percent, respectively. It seems Miss Kay also had an effect on the naming… Read More »Your Next Child May Be Named Silas, Jack

Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan at the CMA Country Christmas - Courtesy CMA

Willie Robertson Performs at CMA Country Christmas

ON the CMA Country Christmas show on ABC last night, Willie Robertson paired up with Luke Bryan to sing “Hairy Christmas”. Before the performance, Bryan joked that the Robertson men had nice smelling beards and Jennifer Nettles sniffed Willie’s beard and confirmed that it did indeed smell like “Febreeze”. Bryan appears as a guest vocalist on the Robertson’s “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas”. I guess Willie figured he’d better repay the favor and appear with Luke at the CMA Country Christmas. Willie doesn’t sound too bad, although I bet he never would have been on that stage if… Read More »Willie Robertson Performs at CMA Country Christmas