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Millionth Call Sells for More Than $20K

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The one millionth duck call made this year by Duck Commander and signed by Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander has finally been sold at auction for $20,110 .  The proceeds of the auction are going to the Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association’s Wounded Warrior hunts.  Earlier last month the duck call was sold at auction for over $80,000, but the winning bidder backed out and the call was put up for auction again (see ).  Though the auction did not get the $80, 000 amount of the previous auction, the money is very much appreciated by the Wounded Warriors.

Photo from eBay Auction

John Nolan, the organizer of the 20123 Wounded Warrior hunt, said that “Every single dime from this is a dime more than I would have gotten on my own.  It’s just a blessing and absolutely the most impressive effort, even in the adversity of the first auction.  The Robertsons didn’t have to conduct another auction to help us out, but they did, and that’s very humbling.”

More than 20 Wounded Warriors attended the 2013 hunt.  Three of the teams were father and son teams.  After the hunt, the warriors ate lunch at WIllie’s Duck Diner.  Kay Robertson was there to greet them.  “They are in tears because it’s that touching to them,” Nolan said.

If you would like to donate to support the Wounded Warrior cause, send donations to NELVA, Attn. Warrior Hunt, P.O. Box 903, West Monroe, LA 71294.


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