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Willie and Jep Perform for Military in Afghanistan

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I think the Robertson’s “Hairy Christmas” is gonna be a hit along the lines of Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas”. It is a really catchy tune. This time Willie and Jep take the song to the troops in Afghanistan. Chairman of the JSC, Gen Martin Dempsey, has posted on his Facebook page that Willie and Jep Robertson have gone to Afghanistan on Monday, to perform for the military and DOD civilians serving there.

Gen. Dempsey sported an awesome faux beard to sing alongside Willie and Jep to the troops. I know I trashed Willie’s voice in the last post about his singing, but this time I think he really nails it. Don’t be surprised when you’re singing this song at Christmas ten years from now.

Here’s the video of the performance and a few comments from the General.

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