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Jep Nails It!

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Wednesday night’s Duck Dynasty Christmas special had the Robertson clan preparing for a Nativity scene for their local church. During the rehearsal, Jep Robertson obsesses over his single line and worries that he may not get it right. His fellow cast members are no help. They ridicule him and tell him that his part, the Innkeeper, is irrelevant and there is no reason to worry about it. Martin, seconds before Jep is to make his debut, attempts to confuse Jep by telling him that his line is “There’s plenty of room at the inn”. Despite all of the harassment, Jep steps up and delivers. He NAILS his line. I never had any doubt.

Some memorable lines from the show:

  • “These things are swollen like watermelons.” – Willie “I love watermelon? You got watermelon?” – Godwin
  • “A wise man would say satchel. I’m not saying casket – that’s morbid” – Jase
  • “Franken-scent. It’s a prefix. Franken-Berries. Franken-Stein. Franken-Beans.” – Si
  • “Every Christmas, it just seems like my house is invaded by yuppies.” – Phil

You can read more at the A&E website:

O Little Town of West Monroe


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