Liam Payne, One Direction Band Member, In Trouble For Supporting Willie Robertson

Liam Payne, of the boy band One Direction, is apparently in trouble for tweeting his support to Willie Robertson and family.  Liam tweeted:

The Internet did not like that and Liam received many replies to his tweet stating that it was homophobic and racist.   Liam responded with

In an article on his gossip website, Perez Hilton wrote, “The One Direction star has always been very supportive of his gay fans, but a recent tweet may have just...

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Ratings Rants

The headlines are in:

  • ‘Duck Dynasty’ Season 5 premiere suffers drastic drop in ratings – New York Daily News
  • Is ‘Duck Dynasty played out? – Los Angeles Times
  • Duck Dynasty Returns to Significant Drop in Ratings: Are You Watching the New Season? – Parade
  • Duck Dynasty Ratings Plummet –
  • Duck Dynasty Suffers Huge Ratings Drop as Fifth Season Commences –
  • ‘Duck Dynasty’ sees ratings drop in season premiere – MSNBC

duck-dynasty-season-5-premiereSo there you have it folks, Duck Dynasty is dead.  We’re just waiting for the undertaker to finish his job and soon the body will be in the ground.  That’s what they, the media, want you to think.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, Duck Dynasty is alive and flying high.  The season 5 premiere had “only” 8...

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Willie Doesn’t Want Rebecca to Turn Out Like Jep

In last night’s season five premiere, Rebecca, the 24-year-old adopted daughter of Willie and Korie, returns home from her internship in Los Angeles. Willie is concerned because she has no job lined up. He worries that she’ll end up like Jep, his little brother, who “lived with Mom and Dad forever” and ended up spoiled rotten. Willie later finds that he has nothing to worry about, since Rebecca had been thinking of starting her own business all along. Just like her daddy!

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Season Five Kicks Off With Rebecca Robertson

The fifth season of Duck Dynasty kicks off tonight with the addition of a new cast member.  Rebecca Robertson, one of Willie and Korie’s adopted children, will join the show along with another unnamed “bearded member”.  Rebecca was originally an exchange student from Taiwan who Willie and Korie accepted as a foster child and eventually adopted.  Rebecca’s siblings, John Luke and Sadie have been regulars on the show for several seasons, and Will, the Robertson’s other adopted child, has made appearances on camera.  Bella, the Robertson’s youngest daughter, has remained relatively unknown.

Rebecca and her mom Korie own Duck & Dressing, a clothing boutique.  Rebecca is currently in LA buying clothing for the store’s spring and summer line.  She also posts on her Duck & Dressing Blog .

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Duck Dynasty Still Attracts Advertisers

Apparently a lot of business executives are still willing to have the Duck Dynasty show advertise for them.  Even after all of the controversy surrounding Phil Robertson after he made comments that offended gay rights groups, Duck Dynasty still pulls in a whopping $170, 000 to $180,000 per 30 second ad.  It’s cheaper to advertise on shows like NCIS, Nashville and The X-Factor than to  advertise on Duck Dynasty, meaning that TV execs think Duck Dynasty is still a better draw than those other popular network shows .

One ad buyer said, “Across our client base, it didn’t really reach the level of a reason to remove advertising – at least, not yet.”  He noted that it may have been a different story if Phil had made the comments on the show rather than  in the GQ Magazine article.

You’ll be...

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Jase Robertson Thankful for Support

A posting on Facebook by Jase Robertson thanked all those who supported and prayed for his daughter Mia while she is recovering from a reconstructive cleft procedure.  Jase posted, “Missy and I really appreciate the outpouring of support, thoughts, and prayers for our daughter Mia. She is out of surgery and is doing great despite the pain and trauma of going through a reconstructive cleft procedure. Thanks a bunch!”

Apparently the surgery went very well.  Missy Robertson,  Jase’s wife and Mia’s mom, posted this after surgery “Great news! All went well. “Textbook” is the word the surgeon used. We are praising God and waiting to go see our baby girl. Thank you for all the prayers!!!!”

We’re thinking of and praying for you Mia, Jase and Missy.

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New Line of Duck Commander Guns

I’m sensing some more outrage directed at the  Duck Dynasty cast, this time from the anti-gun  and animal rights crowd.  Mossberg, the firearms company, has just launched a new line of guns with the Duck Commander brand.  The line will include nine shotguns, two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol.  All of the guns will feature a waterfowl pattern camouflage finish and will come with an American flag bandana like Willie Robertson often wears.

To promote the guns, Mossberg has released four video ads on its website.  In one of the ads, Phil Robertson asks, “Do you know what makes me happy ladies and gentlemen? To blow a mallard drake’s head smooth off.”  I’m sure that will get them in an uproar.

Here are the ads:

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Not Again – Phil Robertson Controversy Part II

In the newest controversy to hit Phil Robertson, critics are accusing him of being a pedophile for suggesting to a teenage boy that he marry his girlfriend when she is 15 or 16 years old presumably so the young man can teach his wife while she is young.  Phil, clearly speaking tongue-in-cheek, offers a young man some “river rat counseling” and  says that one should find a girl who will “pick your duck”, meaning clean the feathers from the duck after the hunt.  He advises that waiting until 20 years old to marry  will not get your duck picked and  “the only pickin’ that will take place is your pocket”.  He then goes on to state,  “You need to check with Mom and Dad about that, of course”.

In his book “Happy, Happy, Happy: My life and legacy as the Duck Commander,” Phil says that a t...

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Si the Christmas Elf

Si Robertson and Ashley Howard Nelson,  Korie Robertson’s sister, have created Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages that are featuring a daily picture of Si taking a nap.   The pages are countdowns to Christmas and promise to lead to a surprise after the 365 days of pictures.   I’m not sure what the surprise is, but Si has already begun to display some of the photos.

This short video on YouTube explains the whole thing:

If you want to check out the pages, here are the links:

Si the Christmas Elf Facebook page

Si the Christmas Elf Twitter page


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He’s Back! Phil Robertson Reinstated

After less than  two weeks, A&E TV network has lifted Phil Robertson’s suspension from the Duck Dynasty show.  Phil’s comments about homosexuality in an interview with GQ Magazine landed him in hot water with the network after gay rights advocacy groups, including GLAAD,  complained, and they suspended him indefinitely on Dec 18, 2013.  Now, just 10 days later, the network has reversed its decision after a huge outcry of Duck Dynasty supporters.  A&E released a statement saying that Phil  made it clear he would “never incite or encourage hate” and therefore “A&E has decided to resume filming Duck Dynasty later this spring with the entire Robertson family.”

A&E also said, “Duck Dynasty is not a show about one man’s views...

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