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Liam Payne In Trouble For Supporting Willie Robertson

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Liam Payne, of the boy band One Direction, is apparently in trouble for tweeting his support to Willie Robertson and family.  Liam tweeted:

The Internet did not like that and Liam received many replies to his tweet stating that it was homophobic and racist.   Liam responded with

In an article on his gossip website, Perez Hilton wrote, “The One Direction star has always been very supportive of his gay fans, but a recent tweet may have just changed all that”.  YouTube star and gay youth advocate  Tyler Oakley wrote,  “Wow. Very confused and disappointed by this @Real_Liam_Payne. This literally changes everything…”

If I recall correctly, Willie didn’t even say anything offensive to gays, so why is supporting him such a bad thing?  Aren’t people just over-reacting a bit?   I guess it’s true what some say about the “sins of the father”.

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