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Duck Dynasty Still Attracts Advertisers

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Apparently a lot of business executives are still willing to have the Duck Dynasty show advertise for them.  Even after all of the controversy surrounding Phil Robertson after he made comments that offended gay rights groups, Duck Dynasty still pulls in a whopping $170, 000 to $180,000 per 30 second ad.  It’s cheaper to advertise on shows like NCIS, Nashville and The X-Factor than to  advertise on Duck Dynasty, meaning that TV execs think Duck Dynasty is still a better draw than those other popular network shows .

One ad buyer said, “Across our client base, it didn’t really reach the level of a reason to remove advertising – at least, not yet.”  He noted that it may have been a different story if Phil had made the comments on the show rather than  in the GQ Magazine article.

You’ll be able to see those $170,000 advertisement next Wednesday, Jan 15th at 10/9c on A&E when season 5 premieres.




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