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Not Again – Phil Robertson Controversy Part II

In the newest controversy to hit Phil Robertson, critics are accusing him of being a pedophile for suggesting to a teenage boy that he marry his girlfriend when she is 15 or 16 years old presumably so the young man can teach his wife while she is young.  Phil, clearly speaking tongue-in-cheek, offers a young man some “river rat counseling” and  says that one should find a girl who will “pick your duck”, meaning clean the feathers from the duck after the hunt.  He advises that waiting until 20 years old to marry  will not get your duck picked and  “the only pickin’ that will take place is your pocket”.  He then goes on to state,  “You need to check with Mom and Dad about that, of course”.

In his book “Happy, Happy, Happy: My life and legacy as the Duck Commander,” Phil says that a teen bride will get your duck picked while a 20 year old bride will only pick your pocket.  He states, “Now, that’s a joke, and a lot of people seem to laugh at it, but there is a certain amount of truth in it.”

Check out the video that sparked the latest controversy:

2 thoughts on “Not Again – Phil Robertson Controversy Part II”

  1. Mr & Mrs Calvin Vanover

    It is a shame that people are making such a ridiculous issue out of Phil Robertson.
    Everyone we know loves the show, Duck Dynasty and never miss a program.

    There is no profanity, and promotes family values in a very entertaining way.
    If he had not been brought back to the show, many people I know would have boycotted
    A&E and its advertising.

    Leave the man alone.

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