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Jase Robertson Thankful for Support

A posting on Facebook by Jase Robertson thanked all those who supported and prayed for his daughter Mia while she is recovering from a reconstructive cleft procedure.  Jase posted, “Missy and I really appreciate the outpouring of support, thoughts, and prayers for our daughter Mia. She is out of surgery and is doing great despite the pain and trauma of going through a reconstructive cleft procedure. Thanks a bunch!”

Apparently the surgery went very well.  Missy Robertson,  Jase’s wife and Mia’s mom, posted this after surgery “Great news! All went well. “Textbook” is the word the surgeon used. We are praising God and waiting to go see our baby girl. Thank you for all the prayers!!!!”

We’re thinking of and praying for you Mia, Jase and Missy.


2 thoughts on “Jase Robertson Thankful for Support”

  1. I agree with your father he didn’t do no wrong those that I feel sorry for are those that are living in sin and she no wrong in what that are doing are going to burn in hell one day if they don’t except Jesus Christ as their Savior he want wait long then he will put you on a shelf and leave them I don’t have no money I cry every night trying to figure out how my husband and I are going to pay for the power phone car ins buy groc I can’t even afford health insurance but I try not to forget that God will help him if I have faith and I do but it has been running a little thin here in the last couple of weeks , we have 4 bills that have got to be pd on the 16th of this month and there is no way I get pd on the last day of the month and my husband works outside and with the rIn and cold weTher here in nc he has not been able to work I ask that you pray for us that we can pay theses bill by the -6th and again thanks for standing up foe what you and your family believe and God bless you All.

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