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Duck Dynasty Cast Performs “Deck the Halls”

The Robertsons stopped by ABC Television’s “The View” on Wednesday to help promote their new DVD, “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas.” Here they perform a song from their album, “Deck the Halls”.
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Duck Dynasty TV Marathon This Weekend

If you just can’t get enough of Duck Dynasty, A&E TV is running a Duck Dynasty marathon this Sunday, Dec 1, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 4:00 AM on Monday.

Unfortunately, they are only showing 9 different episodes.   Here is the complete schedule:


Sun 7:00 PM – Here Lizard, Lizard
Sun 7:30 PM – Battle of the Brothers
Sun 8:00 PM – Aloha, Robertsons!
Sun 9:00 PM – Shot Thru the Heart
Sun 9:30 PM – Of Mattresses and Men
Sun 10:00 PM – Hot Tub Grime Machine
Sun 10:30 PM – Can’t Hardly Weight
Sun 11:00 PM – Fishin’ for Business
Sun 11:30 PM – Driving Miss Sadie
Mon 12:00 AM – Aloha, Robertsons!
Mon 1:00 AM – Shot Thru the Heart
Mon 1:30 AM – Of Mattresses and Men
Mon 2:00 AM – Hot Tub Grime Machine
Mon 2:30 AM – Can’t Hardly Weight
Mon 3:00 AM – Fishin’ for Business
Mon 3:30 AM – Drivin...

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One Millionth Duck Call to Auction Again

As we reported earlier this month, Duck Commander reached a milestone by selling their one millionth duck call of 2013 ( One Million Duck Calls ).  To raise money for the Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association’s Wounded Warrior hunts, the Robertsons put the Phil Robertson signed duck call up for a one week bid on eBay.  The winning bid was $80,100!

Unfortunately, Alan Robertson says the bid did not pan out and the duck call is still available.  They plan to try auctioning off the call once again.   Alan said  “I don’t know all the details of what happened. I hope we get as much again. I may have to figure out a way to sweeten the deal somehow.”   In their first year of business in 1972, Duck Commander sold 2,000 calls...

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Call to Fame – New Book About the Robertsons

The News-Star Media Group  has just published the book “Call to Fame: The inside story of how the Robertsons turned faith, family and ducks into an American dynasty“.   The book is being published electronically as an E-book for the Kindle readers.  It is a collection of news, feature stories, anecdotes and photographs of the Duck Commander company and the Robertsons.  The News-Star is a local paper in Monroe, LA near West Monroe, LA,  the hometown of the Robertsons and the Duck Commander.

call-to-fame-book-coverKathy Spurlock, the executive editor of the News-Star and editor of the “Call to Fame” book said “As you will read in the book, we knew the Robertson family before this all started  — Phil as the outdoorsman hawking his duck calls on a card table at outdoor shows, Al as the pastor of very popular Wh...

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Happy, Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving! And don’t forget – Think Before You Fry !


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2013 Christmas List Suggestions

Since Black Friday is coming up, I thought I’d offer you a few Duck Dynasty related gift ideas.   If you click on the item, it will take you to the Amazon store where you can make a purchase. Unless you really like the person, I’d probably skip the Duck Commander Cold Blooded Series-Diamond Back. I think the Willie and Si Chia pets would make a perfect gift for just about anyone.

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[amzn_product_inline asin=’B00FYYYQWK’]
[amzn_product_inline asin=’B00EKU7Y96′]
[amzn_product_inline asin=’1476763399′]

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Woman Making Headbands for Duck Commander Co.

Lysa Ainsworth, a Hixson, TN resident who made headbands with her $89 sewing machine, noticed that the Duck Commanders website wasn’t selling any headbands.  As any fan of the Duck Dynasty show knows, most of the men on the show wear headbands.  Lysa  thought it was wrong that the website wasn’t selling them.  She suggested to them that they should include them.  They asked her to send a sample and she said she already had.   Within two weeks, they called her back and placed an order for 500 camo and 500 stars and stripes.  She says they sold out of a partial shipment of the stars and stripes within two hours.  Since September, she has made and sold a couple thousand headbands.

willieIt just goes to show that Duck Dynasty doesn’t just make life better by making us laugh, it also makes li...

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Jase and Si Roberton Featured in Hallmark #birthdayfail Campaign

Hallmark, the greeting card company, is trying to convince people that electronic cards and texts are not the same as a paper card. To accomplish this they are using the enormous marketing power of the Robertson name to get across their message. Ironically, the #birthdayfail campaign is a series of videos appearing on the Internet. The videos are actually kind of funny, since they’re featuring two of the funniest guys on television, Jase and Si. But are they going to be enough to save the faltering Hallmark?

Here’s one of the videos that appear on YouTube:


Jase and Si Robertson Featured in Hallmark #birthdayfail Campaign

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I am Second® – The Robertsons Video

Here’s the video on the Robertsons that I wrote about earlier.  You’ve got to see this.  It features testimony by Phil, Kay, Jep and Reed Robertson.

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Three Weeks Straight

duck-the-halls-cd-rev3For the third week in a row, the Robertson clan has managed to stay atop the Billboard chart’s top selling country album for the week of Nov 30, 2013.  “Duck the Halls: A Robertson Christmas” has beat out Luke Bryans’s “Crash My Party” to be the number one selling album this week. I can see this thing beating out Garth Brook’s “The Chase” as the number one best selling country album of all time.  They just do it all!

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