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One Millionth Duck Call to Auction Again

As we reported earlier this month, Duck Commander reached a milestone by selling their one millionth duck call of 2013 ( One Million Duck Calls ).  To raise money for the Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association’s Wounded Warrior hunts, the Robertsons put the Phil Robertson signed duck call up for a one week bid on eBay.  The winning bid was $80,100!

Unfortunately, Alan Robertson says the bid did not pan out and the duck call is still available.  They plan to try auctioning off the call once again.   Alan said  “I don’t know all the details of what happened. I hope we get as much again. I may have to figure out a way to sweeten the deal somehow.”   In their first year of business in 1972, Duck Commander sold 2,000 calls.  This year, with two months remaining, they have already surpassed the one million call mark.

Hopefully, the new auction will attract as much or more attention.  Then everyone, including the Veterans Association and Phil Robertson, can be happy, happy, happy again.

One Millionth Duck Call to Auction Again


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