Duck Commander Cruise Sweepstake on Teleflora

Teleflora  has teamed up with the Robertsons (who hasn’t tried?) to offer a chance to win a four day Caribbean cruise with the Robertsons.   Teleflora is also offering a free digital download of the Robertson’s Christmas album, Duck the Halls, if you purchase one of the bouquets recommended by the Robertson family .  You can sign up for the cruise by liking the promotion on Facebook .   There will be 3 lucky winners for the cruise taking place on July 17th, 2014.  They are also giving away 30 daily prizes.  The deadline is Dec 24th, 2013, so get over there now if you’d like a chance to rub shoulders with the Robertsons.

Beware Canadians!  If  Canadians win, they have to answer a timed skill testing question.  What’s up with that???




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