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Call to Fame – New Book About the Robertsons

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The News-Star Media Group  has just published the book “Call to Fame: The inside story of how the Robertsons turned faith, family and ducks into an American dynasty”.   The book is being published electronically as an E-book for the Kindle readers.  It is a collection of news, feature stories, anecdotes and photographs of the Duck Commander company and the Robertsons.  The News-Star is a local paper in Monroe, LA near West Monroe, LA,  the hometown of the Robertsons and the Duck Commander.


Kathy Spurlock, the executive editor of the News-Star and editor of the “Call to Fame” book said “As you will read in the book, we knew the Robertson family before this all started  — Phil as the outdoorsman hawking his duck calls on a card table at outdoor shows, Al as the pastor of very popular White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ, Willie as the promoter who was always working the angles to get some “free space” for Duck Commander/Buck Commander.

“Our first real glimpse of what was happening nationally was when we had Willie in to visit with our editorial board shortly after the show started airing. Our editorial board includes three community representatives who serve for four months. After the editorial board, every single one of them ripped out their iPhones for pictures with Willie.

“We’ve always had incredible access to the family, and because they are so community-minded, we have covered them at multiple events. So our book shows the Robertsons being the Robertsons at home with photos that you don’t see elsewhere.

“As we travel, we’re always amazed at how many people know our community through this incredibly popular show. We’re grateful for the image they project as a family, and we know their dinner-table prayers are repeated at many tables in Ouachita Parish.

“I think our book shows the Robertsons as they are — genuinely warm people and truly appreciative of the good fortune that God has bestowed upon them.”

This book should be on your reading list.  I’m sure there are some interesting tidbits from people who have been so close to the Robertsons for so long.  Alan Robertson has written the forward and in it expresses appreciation for The News-Star’s support and coverage.

Call to Fame – New Book About the Robertsons

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