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Ratings Rants

The headlines are in:

  • ‘Duck Dynasty’ Season 5 premiere suffers drastic drop in ratings – New York Daily News
  • Is ‘Duck Dynasty played out? – Los Angeles Times
  • Duck Dynasty Returns to Significant Drop in Ratings: Are You Watching the New Season? – Parade
  • Duck Dynasty Ratings Plummet –
  • Duck Dynasty Suffers Huge Ratings Drop as Fifth Season Commences –
  • ‘Duck Dynasty’ sees ratings drop in season premiere – MSNBC

duck-dynasty-season-5-premiereSo there you have it folks, Duck Dynasty is dead.  We’re just waiting for the undertaker to finish his job and soon the body will be in the ground.  That’s what they, the media, want you to think.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, Duck Dynasty is alive and flying high.  The season 5 premiere had “only” 8...

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Willie Doesn’t Want Rebecca to Turn Out Like Jep

In last night’s season five premiere, Rebecca, the 24-year-old adopted daughter of Willie and Korie, returns home from her internship in Los Angeles. Willie is concerned because she has no job lined up. He worries that she’ll end up like Jep, his little brother, who “lived with Mom and Dad forever” and ended up spoiled rotten. Willie later finds that he has nothing to worry about, since Rebecca had been thinking of starting her own business all along. Just like her daddy!

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Season Five Kicks Off With Rebecca Robertson

The fifth season of Duck Dynasty kicks off tonight with the addition of a new cast member.  Rebecca Robertson, one of Willie and Korie’s adopted children, will join the show along with another unnamed “bearded member”.  Rebecca was originally an exchange student from Taiwan who Willie and Korie accepted as a foster child and eventually adopted.  Rebecca’s siblings, John Luke and Sadie have been regulars on the show for several seasons, and Will, the Robertson’s other adopted child, has made appearances on camera.  Bella, the Robertson’s youngest daughter, has remained relatively unknown.

Rebecca and her mom Korie own Duck & Dressing, a clothing boutique.  Rebecca is currently in LA buying clothing for the store’s spring and summer line.  She also posts on her Duck & Dressing Blog .

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Jep Nails It!

Wednesday night’s Duck Dynasty Christmas special had the Robertson clan preparing for a Nativity scene for their local church. During the rehearsal, Jep Robertson obsesses over his single line and worries that he may not get it right. His fellow cast members are no help. They ridicule him and tell him that his part, the Innkeeper, is irrelevant and there is no reason to worry about it. Martin, seconds before Jep is to make his debut, attempts to confuse Jep by telling him that his line is “There’s plenty of room at the inn”. Despite all of the harassment, Jep steps up and delivers. He NAILS his line. I never had any doubt.

Some memorable lines from the show:

  • “These things are swollen like watermelons.” – Willie “I love watermelon? You got watermelon?” – Godwin
  • “A wise man would say satche...
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Duck Dynasty Christmas Special Wednesday

Here are a couple of videos to help get you in the mood for the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 11, 2013 at 10:00 PM EST.

In the special Christmas show titled “O Little Town of West Monroe”, the Robertson women’s rehearsal for a live nativity scene at their church turns rocky when the guys volunteer their opinions too much.  Also, Willie and Jase are looking to get the perfect gift for their wives, so Jep offers his suggestions.  Needless to say, Willie and Jase don’t think too highly of their little brother’s recommendation.

If you want to see a preview of the show, head on over to Entertainment Weekly and see an exclusive preview video.


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Quack O’Lantern – Season 4 Finale

Tonight is the season finale of Season 4 of Duck Dynasty. The episode is titled Quack O’Lantern – in this episode the Robertsons turn the Duck Commander warehouse into a Haunted House. Even though the show was filmed months ago, it is pretty cool that A&E planned it out to be a Halloween episode.

Check out the sneak peak below – where Uncle Si reveals his Halloween costume.

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Willie Sets Up A Firewall at Duck Commander

Willie thinks Jase, Jep, Martin, Si, and Godwin are too busy goofing off on the internet and not spending enough time making duck calls. So like any hard nosed CEO bossman, he shuts down the internet. No more social media! #lifeasaboss

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Duck Dynasty – Going Si-Ral

Uncle Si figures out what the internet is and what does he want to do? Make a Youtube Video. And what does he want to make it about? Him giving golf lessons. Oh boy! Here’s a clip from last night’s episode, Going Si-Ral.

I think you could call it a success since we’re here watching it.

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Duck Dynasty Season 4 – Episode Jerky Boys

Tonight is another new episode of Duck Dynasty Season 4 – titled Jerky Boys. From the preview we’ve gathered that the boys (Si, Jase and Jep) head over to Godwins house and discover a shed full of mini-bikes. Who will win the race? Watch tonight to find out.

Sneak Peak:

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Duck Dynasty on ITV4

The Robertsons have invaded Europe! Duck Dynasty is now being broadcast on ITV4, which is a European digital channel that airs in the UK, France, Germany and a few other countries.

Now everyone in Europe will get a taste of what America has been raving about for a few years. The Robertson’s will bring a new type of family / reality show to European television. I’m sure they’re not quite used to the whole redneck thing across the pond.

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