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Tony Pasko’s Duck Dynasty Music

Tony Pasko is the man behind all the Duck Dynasty Music — not the theme song (that iS Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top). Tony does all the music from scenes where the boys are out hunting or driving through mud, the sound that comes on after commercial breaks, etc. He does a really good job and his gig doing Duck Dynasty has catapulted his career I’m sure.

If you live near Meridian, Mississippi then be sure to tune in to Newscenter 11 for an exclusive tour of Tony Pasko’s recording studio. He’ll show you all the instruments used and talk about how he got involved with the show. It’ll air on Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm and 10pm.

I’m hoping they will upload online so I can share it with you hear.

1 thought on “Tony Pasko’s Duck Dynasty Music”

  1. I am very disappointed that Sharp Dressed Man is not being used as the theme song for the show
    The music is ok but I do miss the song for the beginning being a zz top fan and a fan of the Lord a think he could see the humor in it.

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