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Termite Be A Problem – Recap

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Spoiler Alert for those of you who haven’t seen last night’s episode of Duck Dynasty yet. Don’t read anything further.

The episode kicked off with the crew playing some basketball in the warehouse. Jep walks in wearing some fancy jumping shoes and everyone makes fun of it – no surprise there. Jep notices some termite dust on the floor and next thing you know the entire warehouse is tented and fogged out.

The guys have to find another place to work so they head to Godwin’s where he has a stash of Purnurple flavored Popsicle. Yummy.

Check out a clip of Si.

Meanwhile Willie was duped into speaking at a Golden 60s (I think that’s what it was called) club meeting by his mom. He has to escort an elderly lady to a restaurant to pick up lunch.

All in all it was a pretty good episode – it was a bit lacking in the Phil department though.

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