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The Robertsons Video on I Am Second

The Robertsons are going to be telling their story on the video testimony series at I Am Second .   The video will be released on Nov. 21 2013 and will include their recounting of the struggle to keep their family together.   Phil, Kay, Jep and Reed will give testimony.



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Skye Loustalot Meets the Robertsons

On Friday, November 15th, the Robertsons appeared at the Bay of the Holy Spirit Jubilee in Fairhope, AL to speak to the crowds and meet a 13 year old girl with osteosarcoma, a rare form of cancer.  Phil, Si, Kay, Korie and Alan were there to pray over the bed of Skye Loustalot.  Skye, who two weeks earlier had had a mass removed from her abdomen, was driven to the event by ambulance staffers who knew her and volunteered to take her to the event.  Alan led the prayer in the drizzling rain and said  “I pray that you’ll bless her with healing and restoration. I pray for her family tonight, Father. I pray you’ll lift them up in a very powerful way.  Give her courage.”

After Skye had her leg amputated in September, the staff at the USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital wanted to boost her...

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Miss Kay to Speak at Marriage Matters Jackson Event

Miss Kay has been announced as the keynote speaker for the next Marriage Matters Jackson event at the Michigan Theatre,at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 2 in Jackson, Mississippi. If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about marriage and raising a family it’s Miss Kay Robertson – who has been married 50 years and has 4 sons.

“Millions of people are familiar with the misadventures of this funny, financially successful yet down-to-earth family,” said Shelby Raines, MMJ Executive Director. “What they should also know is this family is devoted to lifelong, healthy marriage, and Miss Kay sets the tone.”

I’d love to see if Miss Kay (in real life) is anything like her character on the show. Somehow I don’t picture her being as open and giving public speaking engagements … but you never know!

Tickets a...

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Till Duck Do We Part

Phil and Miss Kay Robertson will renew their vows in the season premier of Duck Dynasty on August 14 at 10pm EST on A&E. Their son, Alan Robertson, who is new to the show this season will officiate the ceremony. This will be their 50th wedding anniversary.

From the episode description:

“Everyone comes together to plan a surprise wedding for Phil and Kay, setting up a special ceremony on their land, which the whole family attends. Si distracts Phil and Kay by taking them on a “trip down memory lane” to different places that were meaningful in their relationship.”

Knowing what will be in the season premier just makes me more anxious to start watching! Can’t wait to see what Willie and Uncle Si have up their sleeves.

Phil and Miss Kay Wedding

Karolina Wojtasik / A&E

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Si Robertson Booking Fee

The Alexandria Town Talk (out of Nashville) wrote a piece about Phil and Miss Kay’s speaking engagement last night in Lipscomb.

One thing of note I found interesting in the article is a mention of Si Robertson’s booking fee. Celebrities and athletes are always compensated for speaking engagements. I know Tim Tebow charges around $50,000 per event (at least he was a few years ago during the height of his popularity). Putnam County (in Tennessee) got a peek at the prices when they tried to book Si Robertson for August’s county fair. The asking price was $29,000, then rose to $40,000, media there reported, but Si still didn’t accept.

As Duck Dynasty’s following grows and grows, members of the family will start charging more and more for speaking engagements.

Image courtesy of Dipti Vaidya ...

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