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Missy and Jase Talk About The Importance of God

It’s no secret that the Robertson family members are stout Christian believers. It’s incorporated into everything they do in their daily lives, including the broadcasts of Duck Dynasty.

If you have some time, watch this video of Jase and Missy talking about the importance of God in their lives. They dive into their relationship with Christ before, during and after their marriage. Did you know they were both virgins on their wedding night?

“We have our core values as a family, and we’ve kept them, that’s our number one priority is making sure our kids know that so they also will have the same values, no matter what circumstances come your way,” Missy Robertson said.

“If God is your solid foundation, good or bad, you’re going to be happy, you’re going to be joyous if you’re in him. And that’s what we stand on.”

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