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All in God’s Hands

Since the Robertson clan is vocal about their religious beliefs, it stands to reason that many of their fans feel the same way. Since the suspension of Phil Robertson, many of the fans of the show have posted comments and emailed us about what they think of this whole mess. It appears that the common theme in the replies is GOd. If fact, Sadie Robertson, granddaughter of Phil and a member of the cast of Duck Dynasty, had this say in a tweet on Thursday:

Missy Robertson, cast member and wife of Jase tweeted this:

A Tweet from Korie Robertsons, wife of Willie:

This from the “Beardless Brother”:

Here are some the fans’ comments:

“Thank you for your biblical stand on the subject of gay marriage. I appreciate you standing even though you knew there would be an uproar. Be courageous and stand for what is right. Thanks for your show.”

“As a believer I stand with you and your family! I enjoy your show, but even more I love that you stand for God and His truth. In every situation, even the current one, I trust that you as a family with hold to His truth. He is in control!!!”

“God is in control. Not you, not me, but God. My opinion? Does it really matter? Will it change anything? No.
But prayer does. so that it what I will do. I pray for a result that glorifies God Almighty.”

“GO DUCKS!!!! Praying for you!”

“Phil and entire family, friends a very Merry Christmas to your entire family and continued blessings for all you have done and do. Thank you all. God watches over you always! Thanking you again.”


“Phil I don’t know if you will read this or not but just wanted to let you know good job and don’t back down. Things are blurred right now but that is to be expected because as “true Christians” know what is bad will become good and what is good will become bad. More Christians need to start standing up for what is right (not opinion but what the bible actually says), and not with anger or violence but with love and respect as men of honor and dignity. So again good job”

“I stand 100 % behind Phil. He is only quoting what the Bible says . This feel good mentality will backfire upon Gods reflection of your life . By then it”s too late to change it . I will no longer be a patron of this show should this termination stand . Thank You”

“God Bless You for speaking the truth. A & E is the real loser. As much as I like your show and what you stand for, I would be upset if you didn’t stick together. Stand Your Ground”

“Phil has said it the way the United States Need’s to hear it. This country is going down the wrong path and need’s to be put back to Biblical teaching. Thank God that He is using Phil for his will.”

“Just a note to let you know I love you guys and am behind you 100% and have wrote A&E of my boycott of them for their decision on Phil. God Bless you and have a very Merry CHRISTmas!”

“Everyone has their own beliefs. If you limit that on their show and censor Phil, you eliminate what America stands for (FREEDOM OF SPEECH), I believe this is in the Constitution . Is this a publicity gimmick or is A&E just that backward.”

“I thought we had freedom of religion and of speech, silly me. The only reason we watch A&E is the show. I hope Phil doesn,t apologize, who says grace now. A&E could of stated Phil’s views are his own etc. I love the show and @ present, A&E can suck eggs all the way to HE– . My best to the family.”

“No Phil – I won’t watch any A&E. BYE-BYE”

“It is about time for us folks who believe the Bible to stand up and be counted. I support Phil And the family 150% on your stand ,and if I were there I would stand in person with you. God Bless each one of you.”

1 thought on “All in God’s Hands”

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you; you guys make me Happy, Happy, Happy. It would appear that you are being instrumental in bringing God back into vogue for America !”They” said it could not be done but thanks to this family and their Christian beliefs…….” they” are wrong.

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