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Duck Dynasty Season 4 Premier – August 14, 2013

A&E announced the Season 4 Premier of Duck Dynasty will air on Wednesday, August 14 at 10 pm Eastern. I was a little shocked to see the show stuck to its 10pm slot – but maybe A&E just doesn’t want to mess with something that works. A move to 9pm would have made more sense.

The Robertsons — Phil, Miss Kay, Uncle Si, Willie, Jase and more of your heavily-haired favorites — return with a special one-hour Season 4 premiere, which will see the Robertson ladies enlist Uncle Si to distract Phil and Kay by taking them on a walk down memory lane, while Willie, Jase and Jep set up a surprise vow renewal for their 49th anniversary.

I’m definitely looking forward to the new season. Duck Dynasty has turned into must watch TV for my family, as I’m sure it has for yours too. One thing we definitely want to keep an eye on in Season 4 is how Alan Robertson will fit in with his brothers.

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