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Duck Dynasty Men Chew Tobacco

Here’s one thing you won’t see on an episode of Duck Dynasty – the Robertson men spitting into a cup after a long chew. And it’s not because the guys don’t do it, but A&E reportedly has refused to air it. “None of them smoke cigarettes, but all of them dip into the snuff,” reporter Erik Hedegaard writes for Men’s Journal. “Phil introduced them to chew when they were young.”

Chewing tobacco isn’t illegal, and in the south it’s quite popular. Take a look on a public golf course or on a baseball diamond and you’re bound to find men doing it.

The report claims, “He had his reasons.” Phil Robertson adds, “When you’re dealing with young men, for lack of a better term, it’s best for them to discover the great outdoors. And in my humble opinion, to make sure they stay men, give them a little chewing tobacco from time to time. Spitting on the ground is a sign of maleness in our culture down here.”

I doubt the release of this news will cause any of the men to change their habits, but it should be noted that chewing tobacco does lead to forms of throat and mouth cancer. Quitting won’t hurt their redneck image – it’ll be interesting to see what comes of this.

What do you think? Is it a big deal for a family who preaches a high moral standard to chew tobacco?

85 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty Men Chew Tobacco”

    1. Jesus said it’s not what goes into a man I.e. tobacco that defiles hiim, its what comes out of the heart I.e.moral wickedness…
      Keep up the good fight Robertson family…

    2. People are idiots! Point blank end of story, you can chew tobacco and be religious. I don’t care if a preacher in church had a dip in I’m still going to listen to the words of the Lord, even if he has to take a minute to spit.

  1. Oh P.S. I am a Christian, and I am also a truck driver. I wonder if I should start smoking cigarettes to make sure I stay a truck driver. Hmmm. I’m surprised at you Phil. Disappointed too. Baptizing people and chewing tobacco. I guess the 2 go together.

    1. You must be some kind of stupid. Sorry to say. No body is perfect, only the one Jesus Christ him self. People beliefs in life don’t always reflect what they do, but having habits aren’t a bad thing. Society says they are bad. Even Jesus had a bit of wine, but he didn’t get piss drunk. Snuff said!

    2. If Phil did not need a Savior he would not be a Christian. That’s why I am a Christian, because I need a Savior, I’m, not perfect. But guess what, neither are you. If we were perfect, why would we need God’s grace. It is true that we are being sanctified and growing in faith and in our obedience to God. The greater sin is passing judgement on another. We are to love each other and show each other the same kind of grace God has shown to us. If we see a brother caught up in some sin, we should first check ourselves, then we can come alongside them in love to try and help them see their sin. By the Way, I too am a minister, and I still battle against the addiction of moist snuff. Done it since I was 15. Please pray that God will give me whatever it is I need to defeat this thing once and for all. Thank you, and God bless you for your loving understanding.

  2. I am from kentucky and a lot of men around here chew. Just cause a man chews dosnt mean he’s a lesser man. I know a lot of good men and a lot of preachers that would do anything in the world for any body but they chew. It’s a bad habit I know and so is smoking but just becouse you have some minor bad habits dosnt make you bad. It’s all about how you treat one another.

  3. Oh, because their bodies are temples? Do you drink coffee or eat a burger every now and then? If so… I am ashamed of you bc you are a Christian and have bad habits. Everyone has their own thing. They are still Christians and they are open about it. I’m sure your preacher goes a mile or two over the speed limit from time to time. I’m ashamed of him bc he is not abiding by the laws of the land. Tisk tisk..

  4. Why would it be a big deal, at least they aren’t laying drunk all the time and it’s just a habit but I know hundreds of people that dip, it don’t make you any less of a person, and chances are of your from the south and you enjoy outdoors then your probably going to chew, what’s the big deal?

  5. Got made tabbacco and it’s not wrong plus we all sin let it be a lie or stealing or a legal drug and the bible says that they r all the same to god, no offense sorry if I offended you but it’s true plus Phil used to not be a Christian so he used to do it it’s an addiction and it’s hard to stop, we all fall short from god but that is why Jesus died on the cross to save us but him chewing shouldn’t effect your walk with god again sorry but I thought u should know plz understand my view and there’s PS I do not chew myself I’m just a Christian rapper

  6. Plz stop judging it is an addiction it’s hard to stop he used to not be a Christian he was a bad person he was raised on it plus it doesn’t hurt god made tabbacco it’s fine plus what they do doesn’t effect your walk with god no sin is higher over the other u sin I sin PS I don’t chew myself I’m just a Christian rapper

  7. I can’t believe some of the comments on here, my dad did the same thing Phil did, he introduced me to chewing tobacco at a young age, just because one dips does not make him/her a lesser person. and the chances to mouth/throat cancer/disease is so slim it’s not even funny, when you light one cigarette you’re lighting 4,000 chemicals, yes you read right 4,000!! but a single can of Copenhagen contains only 28, and most of those are from the tobacco plant, the usual worst thing that happens from chewing tobacco is gum recession, damaging taste buds, gator lip (which is ridges/wrinkles on the inside your lip from having chewing a lot or having a dip in for a long period of time) and two other things are heart burn, and cavities, only because there are high amounts of salt and sugar in chewing tobacco, so before you start judging something, make sure you actually know what you’re talking about. No I’m not saying it’s impossible to get cancer or disease from chewing tobacco but it is very very unlikely.

  8. No they are not, I’m soo tired of ignorant people saying that. snuff is fine cut chewing tobacco, yes it came from the idea of sorting but no, snuff IS chew, go to any gas station and you can find cans of Copenhagen Snuff, it’s just fine cut.

  9. What are you talking about? And of course it’s not, a lot of things aren’t attractive, smoking isn’t, eating fast food isn’t, soda pop isn’t, alcohol isn’t, who cares? People can do whatever they want, it’s their body, not yours.

  10. You can get cancer from eating fast food, cell phones, sleeping in light, almost anything, I’m sure that doesn’t stop any of you guys, so don’t be so quick to judge

  11. Using tobacco is what is known as a Christian Liberty, as is anything the bible doesn’t clearly say “do or don’t do” about. Using tobacco isn’t a sin. It may not be the best thing for you, but as others have mentioned neither is fast food. I’m willing to bet you would die faster eating fast food all day everyday vs chewing tobacco all day everyday. When it comes to Christian Liberties, the Christian is to follow the conviction of the Holy Spirit. To some, they may have convictions not to use tobacco, while others haven’t. Neither is wrong, unless they do so against the conviction of the Holy Spirit. However; it is wrong to impose restrictions on others liberties by your own convictions, as it is to take advantage of your liberties among others to whom it may be a stumbling block. 1 Corinthians 8 relates to this subject best. Those who use “the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit” as an argument against tobacco have taken scripture out of context. Paul was referring to engaging in sexual immorality, and in doing so you sin against your body; the temple of the Holy Spirit. Bottom line, they are still good Christian people Connie. I’m sure they never meant to disappoint you, but it’s a good thing they are expected to live up to God’s standardsand not yours.

  12. Snuff is a fine cut tobacco that you put in your lip (comes in a round tin, contains molasses and salt crystals)
    Chewing tobacco is long strands of tobacco that you literally chew, (comes in an average sized bag)
    I would know, I’ve dipped and chewed for five years (redman, copenhagen, skoal, Levi Garrett)

  13. I think all of you need to step back and realize just bc they are on a tv show doesnt mean they have to watch everything they do or change something they have been doin for years….when you see someone chewing do you stop them and make a big scene bc your kids seen them doing it? No you dont so why make a big deal about the robertsons chewing..its time to grow up america and start voicing our opinions on other things than what the robertsons are doing…who cares if they dont believe in faggots getting married or if they chew…so grow up and worry about the gov and not them!

  14. As my pastor said “smoking or chewing tobacco won’t send you to hell, but it’ll get you to heaven a lot faster.”

  15. how does it make them any less Christian? it does not intoxicate you, it is tobacco given by the Almighty Himself. priests used to smoke cigarettes back in the day, doesnt make them any less holy.

  16. The problem with that is in the bible, it says it’s wrong. Why would you listen to a preacher who smokes after services to help guide you through your Christian life?

    1 Corinthians 6 talks about how your body is a temple of Christ. You shouldn’t destroy it because God made it for you to live in temporarily until you go to heaven (only if you are saved) so, honor and glorify God by NOT destroying your body with alcohol, cigarettes, dip, weed, etc. I’ll be praying for your pastor.

    1. “The problem with that is in the bible, it says it’s wrong. Why would you listen to a preacher who smokes after services to help guide you through your Christian life?”

      Would you listen to an overweight preacher who after the service goes to McDonald’s and gets a Big Mac meal? I bet you would…why is that any different?

    2. You should have added a lot more to your list included soft drinks and cheeseburgers. I hope you and your preacher does eat or drink those. You do realize Jesus drank wine,right? Or do you think wine was like kool-aid in those dats with no alcohol? The scripture you quote is about premarital sex btw.

  17. There is nothing wrong with a pinch of snuff, I am also a man on god and will throw a chew in, in fact I do it everyday. The duck men are not pushing it off on you and saying you should do it, it is what they do and is a choice. It is not against the law and not a sin. So I would say leave them to make their own choices.

  18. First off, smokeless tobacco is far safer than smoking. It can be addicting and yes nicotine is a drug. But is caffiene not a drug? Why would people drink soft drinks which people use to clean batteries? I do not see a difference in drinking soda and dipping. People like the taste of chew and dip just like people like to crack a coca-cola. Come on ya’ll once you spit black you never go back! YEE YEE!

  19. It is an ok thing to do. It’s all American grown in Tennessee. Who cares if they dip snuff. I am 15 and do snuff. It is a newly thing to do.and I will uphold their right to do it.

  20. This man is right, and snuff isn’t against god, God put all things on Earth for a reason, he meant for people to dip snuff or he wouldn’t have put it here, it’s a southern thing, like here in Mississippi most men dip, not a thing wrong with it, I think drugs are bad and alcohol somewhat, but don’t judge a man for using what god gave him, remember it’s here for a reason

  21. Can anyone find in the bible, specifically, where it says tobacco is a sin? The body is the temple of the holy spirit was a reference to fornication. It does speak of being drunk. However, I do believe it’s wrong to let minors use tobacco, but anyway, just thought I’d ask, God bless.

  22. You all are idiots. Chewin to tobacco doesn’t make anyone less of a Christian. Quit judging and look to your own vices people

  23. Who cares that they dip or whatever. Thats what most backwoods people do. I have never seen a backwoods man not dip.

  24. Okay chewing Tabacco is not that big of a deal, and not as harmful as people make it out to be. After 50+ year of Phil Robertson dipping you think he would develop some kind of cancer by now! N

  25. nothing in that quote links Christianity to chewing. it’s part of the country lifestyle for most and like he said part of maleness. it’s personal preference, you dont chew if you dont like it.

  26. I chew, and i am a Godly man. Bible also says judge not and you won’t be judged. What happenrd to loving your neighbor? -Jess

  27. There ain’t nothin wrong with a little snuff. Doesn’t hurt anybody but yourself. I myself love it. It’s big in the south, until you have been on it you need to be off of here. Nicotine doesn’t make you do stupid stuff nor inebriate you. If your saying they or me are any less Christian because of that, sounds like you need to go to services more often and be less hypocritical. Thou shalt not judge? To the one about the body being a temple, I agree, but it says in the Bible that you can sin 70 sins a day 7 days a week and Christ will forgive thee. Just saying nones perfect, but you do not judge. Raise hell and dip Copenhagen!

  28. Dip is not near as bad as smoking in my opinion Phil is a great man and i wish my dad would have gave me his chew. It fills good to have a dip every once in. While and all the people ranting about how it is bad for u stop drinking foutain sodas obesity is alot worse then a damn dip

  29. Its just a lil tobacco. Plenty of God-lovin men do it. Dont mean they aint Christian, i dont believe the Bible says anything about dippin. So, Robertsons, yall keep on doin what yall do

  30. And btw, snuff and chewing tobacco are different. Snuff, is the fine/long cut moist tobacco you put between lip and gum (copenhagen, grizzly, skoal). But, chewing tobacco is the loose leaf tobacco you put in your cheek and chew a lil (redman, beechnut, levi garret)

  31. Are you serious? Some of the strongest Christians I know chew tobacco and I do too. There is nothing about chewing tobacco that makes anybody any less of a Christian.

  32. There is nothing wrong with putting a dip in. There isn’t just one type of Christian and/or person, we all have different likes, hobbies, and habits. Chew tobacco is a bad habit but it sure is good for when you are out for a hunt or fishing.

  33. Here comes perfectionists/ignorants..

    mankind was not born perfect even if they serve God. Man are naturally born sinners, whatever religion they are in. Don’t expect people to be sinless! So they smoke, they kill animals for food or sport. So what?!! Why can’t you just mind your own business and look at your problem than other’s flaws?

    You’re a catholic/christian, in the bible, it says there “love your neighbor as much as you love me” so why are you being an ass and destroying these people’s right to live the way they want it? Are they raping children? No, they’re effin chewing tobacco!

    If you’re so clean, don’t have sex! Go live up in the mountains by yourself! And take your useless brain with you, you need it!

  34. Are yall completely retarded im a church going man Jesus is the head of my life and i dip snuff so i guess snuff is nothing but the devil no! No were in the the darn bible does it say if u dip a little u are damned to hell NO!!! yall are faker than a three doller bill

  35. Really? So you think a Christian, a preacher or whatever is perfect? If any person could be perfect, we would have no need for a Savior. I’m a minister of the Gospel. But I am very aware that it is Jesus’ righteousness which fits me for heaven and not my own. While we do strive to live above reproach in all things, I admire the Robertson’s transparency and honesty. If you would condemn a person for chewing tobacco, I’m sure glad that Christ is my judge and not you. I’m far from perfect, yet I’ve come a long ways toward that righteous standard of Christ-likeness since I’ve been born of the Spirit (saved). When Christ returns, He shall “perfect” that which is still lacking in us. Until then, we do our best, and offer each other the same kind of grace God had given us. Praise Jesus! Blessings to all.

  36. I am a Christian, I have been saved for 6 years and am about to go into the military service. I have been dipping since I was 6 years of age and still do to this very day. There is nothing wrong with a “man or woman” dipping if that is what they want to do, let them. Phil Robertson is a very great Christian man that has lit up a lot of young men and young women’s heart and minds, so I’m not going to sit here and watch these comments roll in saying that dipping is un Christian like of any man or woman! It seems to me that someone , not mentioning any certain names, needs to study moor on the Christian faith. I am a Godly man, and I’m not going to let someone be called a non Christian just because another dips skoal, so in other words that means that particular person is calling me a non christian. All I have to say now is I hope you think more about what you say then to say someone is not who they say they are. Have a nice day 🙂

  37. No you are wrong snuff is dip. dip is not chew. you CHEW ON CHEW. varieties of chew are redman and beechnut. dip sits in your lip and you don’t chew it. and another pointer- moist snuff is a general term for all dips, none of it is actually snuff. true snuff is sniffed into the nose in powdered form. congratulations, now you’re dipsmart.

    1. Actually you’re referring to nasal snuff. Powdered snuff in this country is traditionally dipped like moist snuff. As far as chewing tobacco it’s actually chewed very little if any.

  38. Ephesians 5:18 if they dont get drunk off of it (a buzz) then it wont make them act foolish and they can still do the things they want as long as God is still number one in thier lives

  39. I’m From Sweden And i pay 100 dollars to ship dip from Usa to Stockholm Sweden And i have no problem with dipping and spiting i think its better then those cancer sticks. but ofc you can be read man without dipping but remeber every idiot can be a father but a real man can be a dad

  40. It’s not a problem. I am a practicing Christian and I chew tobacco. Chewing tobacco isn’t bad for you nor is it addictive. I’m 17 years old and I’ve been dipping sense I was 13. I go through about 2-3 cans a week and have gone a month + with out any nicotine. It’s not addictive or bad for you so I don’t see the problem.

  41. Im from Alabama even though they are Christians it doesn’t say dipping or chewing is stated in the BIBLE that people cannot dip or chew so don’t be disappointed in the robertsons or anybody I’m pretty sure some of u out there have family members that are Christians that use tobacco so don’t discriminate them if your family members do what Phil and the other Robertson men do and also they probably aren’t the only Christians who dip or chew and openly preach the word of GOD

  42. The Bible says its not what goes into a man that corrupts him, but what comes out of a man. It also says to the pure all things are pure. If you’re washed in the blood, saved by grace, you are pure. No other way to be pure, dipping or not dipping does not affect your soul.

  43. I dont think that its a big deal that they chew, in fact i like that they chew because I chew also and im not as you say of age but im close but everybody on Duck Dynasty is, and always has been my hero’s since the show aired and It makes me feel like them when i chew and knowing that they chew.

  44. I’m a God fearin Christian I’m saved by the grace of God and I dip all the time. It doesn’t make you not a Christian to dip tobacco.

  45. I don’t see anything wrong the only reason that they put the cancer label any like labels is for insurance it is highly unlikely that you are going to get any of this unless u just don’t brush your teeth I’ve been doing it since I was about 12 and I have never had any problems with my teeth and I am now 25

  46. Fucking yuppies who say dippen I down right gross you dont get us redneckstop thinking your better then us cause one day you wont have the money for food and we will have our bellys full off the land

  47. I’ve gone back and forth on this for years and dipped snuff since I was 16. I’m now 40 years old. I decided to do a little history check on the use of tobacco… American Indians used it to mainly smoke. This was used to communicate with their gods(spirits) and I daresay, it was used for demons. I decided to quit one day, like so many times before. After an hour, I was just a bear. I was annoyed and all you who dip snuff know what the withdrawal is like. But you know it is mild within an hour.

    I prayed. I read a prayer online on my phone which dealt with renouncing the demons associated with tobacco. I commanded them to leave. Folks, listen. I literally felt something lift off of me like a weight and leave. After that I felt no cravings. Zero. Zilch. 3 months later after no cravings, while helping a demonized man I know, I had such intense cravings for nicotine like I’d never had before. It was surely oppression against me.

    Now, do I think it makes you any less of a Christian? No. Do I think tobacco use can inhibit/limit the power of God in my life that he bestowed on me when I got saved? Absolutely. Folks, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against authorities and principalities and spiritual wickedness in the heavenly places. I know first hand how shrewd demons are. Yes they exist and yes they oppress Christians daily and possess more people than you care to know.

    Now, further thought is that the use of tobacco itself is kind of a meat sacrificed to idols kind of issue. Okay for some but not for others. If you wrestle with it, stop. The enemy will use it against you and try to make you feel that tobacco use will keep you from God. Just like our sins. Satan is the accusor. Remember that. If it doesn’t bother you, then by all means continue in your conscience and the direction of the Holy Spirit.

  48. Jesus said you are not his brother unless you do the will of the Father! Well that cuts out dipping! I used to dip but I have the conviction of the Holy Ghost and the Lord brought me out of it, just like any other sin he’s constantly cleaning my life up through the convictions. And I am a new creature you must be born again to have the inward man that guides you daily. No real preacher will say to chew drink party adultery steal or anything that is against God. Remember once you are born again you are a ambassador of God! And your body is the temple that God is in, so keep it pure if you sin REPENT. ITS SIMPLE! May God convict everyone and I pray the Holy Ghost down on the lost in hope they get born again. You must be drawed by God to accept the free gift of salvation. Whosoever call upon the name of the Lord and does his will shall be saved. Read ROMANS CHP 6 KJV BIBLE, shall we sin since we be under grace? GOD FORBID! You serve who you obey and my God the Lord and Savior Jesus HATES SIN HE DIED TO DELIVER YOU FROM IT SO REPENT AND GET OUT OF IT! Its of the devil!

  49. There is nothing wrong with it. Dipping in the south is a big sign of boys just being boys down here. I myself dip tobacco but like most young southern men these days I hate cigarettes.

  50. I’m not qualified to judge for anyone else, however, for me, I have an addictive personality that I have had to deal with for most of my 68 years. Some years ago I was finally able to stop dipping. It was the hardest thing I ever tried to do. Alcohol, Psychedelics, Opioids etc were a piece of cake compared to Nicotine. Today I am chemical free and glad of it. For me, I have a personal thing about sharing the Gospel with a dip in my lip but the again the culture I grew up was pretty narrow minded about that sort of thing. I have a lot of respect for Phil and always will. How others feel about him means nothing. Thank you Phil for living your life in full view and making the things that really matter ie: getting off this planet alive in Jesus!

  51. From what I Read in the Bible you are to uses all things in moderation because all things can become a habit then your heart and mind might stray from Jesus.

  52. moderation in all things is what I got out of the Bible, when we indulge we can loose ourselves in our relationship with Jesus Christ. practice moderation in all things and Repent always because we may not even understand we’re offending God..

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