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Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards App

Need more Duck Dynasty now that the season is officially over? Well take the bearded Robertsons with you everywhere you go on your phone.

A&E has just launched a new Duck Dynasty mobile app called Battle of the Beards – with the goal being to transform a yuppie into a beard-wearing redneck who has a knack for shotguns. So in addition to growing bears and shooting ducks in this app, you can also “eat chilies, blow up beaver dams and compete in sets of rapid-fire micro-games that test players’ reflexes and drop them feet first into the Louisiana backwoods. As players successfully complete the challenges, their beards grow to epic proportions and they start to transform from a yuppie into a full-blown redneck!”

The game is currently only available at Apple’s App Store for iPhone (99 cents) and iPad ($1.99). No word yet on when an android version will be available.

3 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty: Battle of the Beards App”

  1. Y is android always last if at all???!!!!! I got an android cause screen was large enough 2 read!!!!! I’m tired of apps ONLY 4 apple. What’s up folks PLS STOP leaving us out!!! Thnx

  2. I agree, I too have a tablet was given to me . Also, why can’t there be a free beard app. I am not cheap, just living on a limited budget as I am retired on social security…. l absolutly love Duck Dynasty. It is so good to see a show not full of foul language, sex and violance…… Keep up the good work.

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