Congressman Willie Robertson?

Republican strategists are pushing Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson to run for a seat currently in the Louisiana Congress. The spot is currently held by Republican Rep. Rodney Alexander, who will retire in September to take a job in Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s cabinet.

Hey, look here Jack. Willie would make a great representative in congress. He’s a smart, business man who cares about family and the citizens of Louisiana. After watching three seasons worth of Duck Dynasty, I can easily say I’d feel more comfortable with Willie in the government than any of the jokers we currently have.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the timing is right. Why would he give up the lucrative duck call business he’s in now, plus all the fame/publicity from the TV show? All for a thankless, government job having to deal with politics all day? Willie’s got it made right now. He won’t change that.

Now … 15 years from now I can see him stepping away from the family business to pursue a career in politics.

And he’s got my vote!


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