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Si Robertson’s Mobility Scooter

A great scene from last night’s episode showing Uncle Si Robertson roll out of his new minivan in a mobility scooter — because of nerve damage in his back. Love the cup holder for his tea cup.

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Duck Dynasty All New Tonight – Scoot Along Si

Episode 7 of Duck Dynasty Season 4 airs tonight at 10pm Eastern. After a week off, the Robertsons are back on TV in an episode titled Scoot Along Si. From the previews it looks like Willie hits Si’s truck and Si claims to have injured his back/neck. We see Si rolling around West Monroe on his motorized scooter.

With all the promotion the guys have been doing on TV shows, news, interviews and magazine I bet we’ll see Duck Dynasty surge back over 10 million views. It was down in the 9M the previous two episodes.

Check back here tomorrow for a full episode recap.

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Duck Dynasty – Season 4 Episode 6 “John Luke After Dentist”

“John Luke After Dentist” – Season 6, Episode 4 – airs tonight on A&E at 10pm Eastern. This looks like it’s going to be a pretty funny episode – In the sneak peak below we see John Luke, son of Willie and Korie, waking up from anesthesia after having his wisdom teeth pulled.

I had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 17 and thank God my mom did not film my recover.


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Termite Be A Problem – Recap

Spoiler Alert for those of you who haven’t seen last night’s episode of Duck Dynasty yet. Don’t read anything further.

The episode kicked off with the crew playing some basketball in the warehouse. Jep walks in wearing some fancy jumping shoes and everyone makes fun of it – no surprise there. Jep notices some termite dust on the floor and next thing you know the entire warehouse is tented and fogged out.

The guys have to find another place to work so they head to Godwin’s where he has a stash of Purnurple flavored Popsicle. Yummy.

Check out a clip of Si.

Meanwhile Willie was duped into speaking at a Golden 60s (I think that’s what it was called) club meeting by his mom. He has to escort an elderly lady to a restaurant to pick up lunch.

All in all it was a pretty good episode – it was a bi...

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Duck Dynasty Episode Sneak Peak – Termites

Here’s a sneak peak at tomorrow’s episode of Duck Dynasty, Termites Be A Problem.

From A&E:

Because of a termite problem at Duck Commander, the guys are forced to find a different location to work from–Godwin’s House. But while at Godwin’s house, Godwin gets a taxidermied gift from a past relative, which sends them on a mission to find out how much it is worth.

Godwin does seem to have a lot of freeze pops at his house but what I am most curious about is if we’ll get to see Godwin’s hot tub in action?

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Duck Dynasty: S4E4 A-Jase-Ent Living

Episode 4 of Duck Dynasty Season 4 airs tonight at 10pm Eastern on A&E. The episode is titled A-Jase-ent Living. This season is off to a very strong start and nothing has been lacking from the series. Happy to see Jase get a featured episode tonight – he’s my favorite member of the Robertson family.

From Due to construction at Jase and Missy’s house, Willie and Korie invite Jase and the kids to live with them while Missy is out of town visiting friends.

Catch a sneak peak of tonight’s episode right here:

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Duck Dynasty Season 4, Episode 3: Hot Tub Grime Machine

Still the hottest show on TV right now, Duck Dynasty is set to air episode 3 of Season 4 tonight at 10:00pm Eastern on A&E. In this episode the boys help Goodwin find a hot tub he can relax in – albeit on a limited budget.

Do you think it’s odd that last episode and tonight’s episode have focused on supporting “characters” rather than the main 4 guys? Post a comment and let us know.

Here’s a sneak peak of tonight’s episode. Watch as the Duck Commander guys get together to help Jase with a project in this scene from the episode Hot Tub Grime Machine.

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Uncle Si’s Dating Tips

Have your first date coming up – like Martin? Look no further… we have the best dating advice you’ll ever receive. Coming directly from Uncle Si.

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Duck Dynasty Most Watched Show on TV

Episode 2 of Duck Dynasty was the most watched show on cable! For a show in the 10:00 time slot that is incredible.

Selected Wednesday cable ratings: (all Live+Same Day ratings):

Show Net Time Viewership (million, Live+SD) Adults 18-49 rating (Live+SD)
DUCK DYNASTY AEN 10:00 PM 10.070 4.5
MODERN DADS AEN 10:31 PM 3.973 1.9
Family Guy ADSM 11:30 PM 3.141 1.5
Family Guy ADSM 11:00 PM 3.114 1.5
DUCK DYNASTY AEN 9:00 PM 3.805 1.4
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:30 PM 3.291 1.4
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:00 PM 3.076 1.3
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:00 PM 2.986 1.3
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 8:30 PM 2.958 1.2
Robot Chicken ADSM 12:00 AM 2.076 1.0
DUCK DYNASTY AEN 8:30 PM 2.592 1.0

And ratings came out for the season opener last week – which happened to be the #1 show on all of tv! It even beat out ...

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Duck Dynasty Episode 2 Recap


Duck Dynasty continued its dominance last night on A&E when episode 2 of season 4 – So You Think You Can Date aired. I haven’t seen the numbers yet, but I’d wager to say over 10 million fans tuned in.

Per A&E: “After discovering that Martin has to miss a Friday night poker game for a date, the guys (as well as their wives) take turns figuring out the best way to coach him for romance.”

After Martin tells the guys that he “may or may not” have a date, they all respond how we would expect them to – with jeer and jokes.

“Is it Mothers’ Day?” asked Willie Robertson. “Is she a United States citizen?” questioned Jase Robertson. “Did you get her on mail order?”

Martin must have done something right on his date, because he’s been dating Brittany Brugman for the past few months.

Here’s a photo Ma...

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