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Jase Robertson at FACA in Henderson Texas

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Jase Robertson made an appearance on Saturday at the Full Armor Christian Academy’s Living Loud Outdoors Family Expo fundraiser at the Rusk County Youth Expo Center. Wow that was a mouthful. He gave a speech in front of 4,000+ people (tickets were sold for $20 a pop). “My recipe for success (is) God, family, and in my case, ducks — in that order,” Robertson said, Bible in hand. He later added, “I relied on this one phrase, ‘It’s not about me. It’s not about me.’ ” Jase also added. “I want to thank you … because I have a sneaky… Read More »Jase Robertson at FACA in Henderson Texas

Tony Pasko’s Duck Dynasty Music

Tony Pasko is the man behind all the Duck Dynasty Music — not the theme song (that iS Sharp Dressed Man by ZZ Top). Tony does all the music from scenes where the boys are out hunting or driving through mud, the sound that comes on after commercial breaks, etc. He does a really good job and his gig doing Duck Dynasty has catapulted his career I’m sure. If you live near Meridian, Mississippi then be sure to tune in to Newscenter 11 for an exclusive tour of Tony Pasko’s recording studio. He’ll show you all the instruments used and… Read More »Tony Pasko’s Duck Dynasty Music

Conan O’Brien Mentions Duck Dynasty At White House Dinner

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I mentioned the other day that Willie and Korie Robertson would be at the White House Correspondence Dinner. The event was last night and Conan O’Brien gave a roast / did a comedy bit during the dinner. It was 27 minutes long and he did mention Duck Dynasty. Took a slight jab at our bearded friends, mentioning they only got invited because the guys from Storage Wars turned it down. All in fun though… Here’s the clip. Fast forward to 6 minutes 18 seconds. Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin

Si Robertson Booking Fee

The Alexandria Town Talk (out of Nashville) wrote a piece about Phil and Miss Kay’s speaking engagement last night in Lipscomb. One thing of note I found interesting in the article is a mention of Si Robertson’s booking fee. Celebrities and athletes are always compensated for speaking engagements. I know Tim Tebow charges around $50,000 per event (at least he was a few years ago during the height of his popularity). Putnam County (in Tennessee) got a peek at the prices when they tried to book Si Robertson for August’s county fair. The asking price was $29,000, then rose to… Read More »Si Robertson Booking Fee

Willie and Korie Robertson at White House DInner

Willie and Korie Robertson were invited to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. TMZ was waiting for them at the airport as they arrived and hit Willie with a few questions. Watch the video … but you’ll have to sit through 15 second ad first. Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin

Duck Dynasty Season Finale Has 9.6M Viewers

According to TVByTheNumbers (which wikipedia uses as a source), the season 3 finale of Duck Dynasty that aired this week registered 9.63 million US viewers. Making it the most watched Duck Dynasty episode every, breaking the previous record by just over 1 million viewers. The Season 3 premier had 8.62 million viewers. Duck Dynasty has concluded this season as the most watched cable program, and the best original show in AE’s history. The cast is fighting for a pay raise (much deserved in my opinion), but you can guarantee we’ll see a Season 4 in the near future. Share this…… Read More »Duck Dynasty Season Finale Has 9.6M Viewers

Entertainment Weekly Season 3 Finale Exclusive Photos

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Entertainment Weekly scored an exclusive set of photos from tomorrow’s Season 3 Finale. In the Season 3 Finale, we see the Robertson family head to Hawaii for a much-needed vacation. I can’t imagine the stress this family is under from having to work with Si every day. We will see them surfing, kayaking, getting massages, etc. Duck Dynasty Season 3 Finale airs on AE at 10 pm Eastern April 24, 2013. Be sure to tune in! Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin

Phil Robertson Speaking Engagement in Gadsden, AL

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Duck Commander patriarch Phil Robertson is booked for a speaking engagement in Gadsden, Alabama (which is 60 miles northeast of Birmingham). Phil will be at at Wallace Hall on the campus of Gadsden State Community College. The appearances will be at 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Proceeds from both appearances will benefit Rainbow of Hope, a home for women over 18 who are recovering from drugs and alcohol. Phil will likely deliver a religious and uplifting message. Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin

Si Robertson at Texas Crawfish Festival

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Si Robertson was at the Texas Crawfish Festival this past weekend in Old Town Spring. He did a Q&A curated by Cody Canada. No word yet on the official count for how many times he say “Jack”. You can view the entire photo gallery on the Houston Chronicle website. Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin