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Duck Dynasty Christmas Special Wednesday

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Here are a couple of videos to help get you in the mood for the Duck Dynasty Christmas Special tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 11, 2013 at 10:00 PM EST. In the special Christmas show titled “O Little Town of West Monroe”, the Robertson women’s rehearsal for a live nativity scene at their church turns rocky when the guys volunteer their opinions too much.  Also, Willie and Jase are looking to get the perfect gift for their wives, so Jep offers his suggestions.  Needless to say, Willie and Jase don’t think too highly of their little brother’s recommendation. If you… Read More »Duck Dynasty Christmas Special Wednesday

Missy and Jase Talk About The Importance of God

It’s no secret that the Robertson family members are stout Christian believers. It’s incorporated into everything they do in their daily lives, including the broadcasts of Duck Dynasty. If you have some time, watch this video of Jase and Missy talking about the importance of God in their lives. They dive into their relationship with Christ before, during and after their marriage. Did you know they were both virgins on their wedding night? “We have our core values as a family, and we’ve kept them, that’s our number one priority is making sure our kids know that so they also… Read More »Missy and Jase Talk About The Importance of God

Jase Robertson With Tim Tebow

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I don’t know when this picture happened, but I saw it on the New York Daily News. Pretty cool having Jase Robertson in a photo op with Tim Tebow. I wonder who is more popular right now haha. Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin

Jase Robertson at Carterville High School

The Duck Dynasty cast members are making their rounds — visiting schools, churches and small town community events. Whatever they can do to help grow their brand and contribute to society. Jase Robertson is scheduled to speak at Carterville High School (Illinois) on August 9. The event begins at 7 p.m. Black Diamond Harley Davidson is selling the tickets. Those officially go on sale July 22. Tickets are $40 for a bleacher seat and $200 for VIP, which includes a meet & greet. The Robertsons’ don’t do speaking engagement just to pocket a bunch of cash. In this case, proceeds… Read More »Jase Robertson at Carterville High School