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Duck Commander

New Line of Duck Commander Guns

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I’m sensing some more outrage directed at the  Duck Dynasty cast, this time from the anti-gun  and animal rights crowd.  Mossberg, the firearms company, has just launched a new line of guns with the Duck Commander brand.  The line will include nine shotguns, two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol.  All of the guns will feature a waterfowl pattern camouflage finish and will come with an American flag bandana like Willie Robertson often wears. To promote the guns, Mossberg has released four video ads on its website.  In one of the ads, Phil Robertson asks, “Do you know what makes me happy ladies… Read More »New Line of Duck Commander Guns

Millionth Call Sells for More Than $20K

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The one millionth duck call made this year by Duck Commander and signed by Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander has finally been sold at auction for $20,110 .  The proceeds of the auction are going to the Northeast Louisiana Veterans Association’s Wounded Warrior hunts.  Earlier last month the duck call was sold at auction for over $80,000, but the winning bidder backed out and the call was put up for auction again (see ).  Though the auction did not get the $80, 000 amount of the previous auction, the money is very much appreciated by the Wounded Warriors. John Nolan,… Read More »Millionth Call Sells for More Than $20K

Alan Robertson Says Duck Commander is His New Ministry

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Alan Robertson, the clean shaven oldest brother of the Robertson clan, left his church of 20 years to join the Duck Commander crew. He says that he is able to reach more people through his work at Duck Commander than he was able to at the White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ. “To have a great church is good,” Alan’s wife Lisa said. “But there is people out there that’s not ever going to darken the doors that we have here. And they may not ever darken the doors of any church building.” “And so,” she continued, “if we can… Read More »Alan Robertson Says Duck Commander is His New Ministry