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Events, Contact Information and Speaking Engagements for the Robertson Family

We’re often asked where the Robertsons are appearing or how to book them for a speaking engagement or other event.  Since we’re just fans and have no contact with the Robertsons, we cannot give the answers to these questions. So, lo and behold, I’ve tracked down the web pages that can answers these questions:

Information on Events and Appearances

Duck Commander’s Events page:

Robertson Family Contact Information

Duck Commander’s Contact page:

Book a Speaking Engagement or Appearance at an Event

Book the Family page at Duck Commander:

7 thoughts on “Events, Contact Information and Speaking Engagements for the Robertson Family”

  1. hi there duck dynasty family we are having our santa claus parade here in durham ontario canada this saturday our theme is duck dynasty christmas we hope to have a small video on you tube please feel free to check it out and let us know what u think of it

  2. Dear Family,
    I have never seen you show, but heard your story and wanted to encourage you and pray that the Lord would comfort you protect you and give you His perfect peace.
    We will suffer persecution when we live for Jesus. My husband and I spoke up about living for Christ and were beaten, sued and lost our home and family. My husband is disabled. But through it all, Jesus has been faithful and has shown us His beautiful presence and led us to a guiet place of rest. Our battle is not against flesh and blood. If our Savior was persucuted we will be to. I pray that you will feel His arms of love surrounding you all. And you sense His quiet peace that passes understanding.
    Our love and prayers are with you.
    In His amazing Love,
    The Doyle family

  3. My family loves your show! We are frustrated that A&E choose to advertise horrible shows during breaks in your show (i.e. Bates Motel, and other). Your show is great for all ages, but the advertisements are disturbing to me, a 48 year old redneck man.

    I wish there was a way the content on breaks could be better suited with family oriented content like your show.


    LeVance Gay

  4. Keep doing what you are doing.
    You are all the BEST and only thing worth watching on TV.
    And Si , love your singing !!

  5. I’m seriously offended by Phil’s Atheist/rape tirade. My family is non-denominational. Our morals come from knowing what’s right and wrong. We don’t need an ancient book to know what is right and wrong. Humans are born with wide ranges of emotion which guide them to do things that are right and wrong. I don’t know a single Athiest who thinks rape is a good and moral thing. There are more “Christians” in jail for all violent crimes than Athiests… get your own crew under control before trying to shame and berate non-Christians. If the only thing standing between you being a nice person or you being a rapist is a book, than we have more problems than religion.

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