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Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode Guide

Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 1 – “Boomerang Becca” January 15, 2014

Number in Series – 53

U.S. Viewers – 8.49 million

After finishing her internship in Los Angeles, Rebecca comes home for a visit.  Willie becomes nervous, thinking that Rebecca has come home for good, but he is later surprised when she tells him she is starting her own business.  Meanwhile, Si believes he has contracted the “bird flu”, so Phil and Miss Kay let him recover at their house.

Episode 2 –  “Willie’s Number Two” January 15, 2014

Number in Series – 54

U.S. Viewers – 8.51 million

Willie needs a personal assistant and  decides to hire Korie’s cousin, John David.   Unfortunately, Jase, Martin, and Godwin do not like the idea of the new guy giving them orders, so they attempt to sabetouge Willie’s plans.  Jep’s children are subjected to Si’s boring treasure hunt.

Episode 3 – “Life of Si” January 22, 2014

Number in Series – 55

U.S. Viewers – 6.65 million

Si straps on a pair of wearable cameras so he can record every waking moment of his life.   His rambling commentary as he films drives the others crazy.  Willie, John Luke, and Sadie get stuck in traffic, and then lost, as they try to attend an LSU football game.

Episode 4 – “From Duck ‘Til Dawn” January 29, 2014

Number in Series – 56

U.S. Viewers – 7.48 million

Willie attempts to be part of the gang by helping the Duck Commander crew with their all night packing session.  Things don’t go right, as the smoke detectors malfunction and Willie is subjected to the other’s pranks.  Phil hosts a sleepover for his granddaughters.

Episode 5 – “Burger Commander” February 5, 2014

Number in Series – 57

U.S. Viewers – 6.51 million

Jase and Willie both believe they are a better cook than the other, so they attempt to settle the dispute with a hamburger cook-off.  After they finish their unique take on the hamburger, the judges, Godwin and Martin, decide that neither burger is worth eating.  Phil tricks Jep into cleaning the junk from his storage shed, by pretending they are looking for materials.

Episode 6 – “G.I. Si” February 19, 2014

Number in Series – 58

U.S. Viewers – 5.48 million

A fight between Willie and Jase over a childhood G.I. Joe action figure leads to a paintball competition that devolves into chaos after Si decides he doesn’t want to be on either team and wants to shoot everyone.   Jep, Martin, and Phil are in a race to complete the walk in front of Jep’s home before the roofers can put the roof on the house.

Episode 7 – “Jase and the Argonauts” February 26, 2014

Number in Series – 59

U.S. Viewers – 5.17 million

Thinking that Willie is a cheap-skate after offering soft-serve ice cream as a work incentive, Jase decides to buy an amphibious ATV to motivate the crew.  Phil and Kay ask Willie for his help in hooking up their DVD, but blindside him with Kay’s request to show her how to text.

Episode 8 – “Fowl Playhouse” March 5, 2014

Number in Series – 60

U.S. Viewers – 6.10 million

Jep wants to buy a fancy playhouse from a catalogue, but Jase decides that he, Martin, and Godwin could make a better playhouse than the Yuppie playhouse from a book.  They end up building what looks to be a duck blind bunker.  Phil and Si punish Willie for oversleeping on the first day of hunting the previous season, by harassing him as they force him to re-camouflage the duck blinds.

Episode 9 – “The Big LeCOWski” March 19, 2014

Number in Series – 61

U.S. Viewers – 4.71 million

Sadie shadows Willie at work.  Jase entices Sadie with his plan of a cow-shaped duck blind.  Jep takes his family to the petting zoo.

Episode 10 – “Stand by Mia” March 26, 2014

Number in Series – 62

U.S. Viewers – 6.00 million

In a one-hour season finale, Mia is scheduled for surgery on her cleft lip and palate.  Mia requests that her dad, Jase, host a family reunion as a special treat before surgery.  Willie and the crew set up a portable wrestling ring for the reunion and have fun goofing around acting like professional wrestlers.  The main event at the reunion is a wrestling match featuring Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

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