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Duck Dynasty Season 4 Episode Guide

Duck Dynasty Season 4 Episode Guide

1 “Till Duck Do Us Part” August 14, 2013
Korie, Missy, and Jessica decide to hold a ceremony on the Robertson land for Phil and Miss Kay to renew their vows on their wedding anniversary. They send Si to keep the couple occupied for the day and draft everyone else, including Mountain Man, to make the arrangements. Si’s plan to take Phil and Miss Kay on a trip down Memory Lane ends up going down a few wrong turns.

Note: This is the one-hour, season four premiere, and is currently the highest rated telecast in A&E history with a 5.0 rating among adults 18–49.[33] It is also the first appearance of the Robertsons’ oldest son Alan.


2 “So You Think You Can Date?” August 21, 2013
Martin surprises the guys with news that he has a date, and everyone mobilizes to get him ready with sometimes-questionable advice on style and etiquette. Phil tries to teach his younger granddaughters a little about fishing, but things do not go as well as planned.


3 “Hot Tub Grime Machine” August 28, 2013
Godwin calls in a favor with the guys so he can get a hot tub, but he has only $200 to spend. They band together to find him one at a local junkyard and get it set up on his front lawn. Phil decides to teach some of his grandchildren about patience and living off the land by having them collect mayhaws to make jelly.


4 “A-Jase-ent Living” September 4, 2013
Willie and Korie invite Jase and his kids to spend the weekend with them, since Jase’s house is being renovated and Missy is out of town. However, Jase’s behavior – such as cooking breakfast at 4 a.m. and gutting fish in the kitchen sink – soon has Willie ready to throw him out. Meanwhile, Si, Jep, Martin, and Godwin make a series of informal wagers that eventually leads them to accept Phil’s challenge of getting his old rowboat out of a tree.


5 “Termite Be a Problem” September 11, 2013
Willie reluctantly agrees to speak at a lunch meeting of Miss Kay’s friends at the Golden 60’s club, but runs into one aggravation after another – a small crowd, a forgetful member who goes with him to pick up the food, and not having a usable speech ready. A termite infestation at the warehouse forces the guys to relocate to Godwin’s house, where they find a jackalope statue left to him by his great-uncle and try to sell it to a taxidermist.


6 “John Luke After Dentist” September 18, 2013
After the warehouse’s deep freezer breaks down, Jase and Jep get the job of cleaning out all the spoiled meat inside, but they and Phil have a hard time finding a place to dispose of it. John Luke and Sadie visit the dentist to have their wisdom teeth removed, generating plenty of embarrassing cell phone video fodder as John Luke recovers from the anesthesia.


7 “Scoot Along Si” October 2, 2013
Following a minor car accident caused by Willie, Si rents a mobility scooter to get around, insisting that he is in too much pain to walk on his own. He soon starts using it on the streets and getting on everyone’s nerves. Miss Kay’s pet turtle goes missing, so she talks Phil into helping her search the riverbank for the perfect replacement.


8 “Jerky Boys” October 9, 2013
Willie’s refusal to share a batch of imported biltong prompts the rest of the guys to try making their own jerky. They get sidetracked into a dirt bike race while searching for Godwin’s dehydrator, then get an unpleasant surprise when they sample the finished product. Phil takes Willie on a drive around the Robertson land to point out who will inherit which section, but his decisions leave Willie at a loss.


9 “Going Si-ral” October 16, 2013
The guys find a way to get around the firewall Willie has installed to stop them from goofing off on the Internet at work. Si becomes obsessed with YouTube and decides to make an instructional golf video that turns into a hilarious embarrassment. After John Luke damages Willie’s truck in an accident, Willie gets a loaner from the dealership and tries to keep Priscilla and River from ruining it as he takes them to visit Miss Kay.


10 “Quack O’Lanterns” October 23, 2013
The guys turn the warehouse into a haunted house as a Halloween treat for the neighborhood kids, and Willie’s goal is to make it as scary as possible. Costume plans among the three brothers and their wives lead to some strange results. Even Phil, who does not think much of the holiday, starts to get in on the festivities by doing a little unorthodox pumpkin-carving with his grandchildren.


Duck Dynasty Season 4 Episode Guide


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