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Duck Dynasty Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2

Episode Number, Title, Date

1 “Driving Miss Sadie” October 10, 2012
Sadie receives some driving lessons from Willie, Si and Jase – all with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Phil chaperones John Luke and his date.

2 “The Grass And The Furious” October 10, 2012
Willie is challenged to a lawn mower race by an arch-nemesis. Meanwhile, Phil puts together a playhouse for his granddaughters.

3 “Truck Commander” October 17, 2012
After John Luke brings Willie’s truck home completely out of gas, Willie and Korie decide that he needs to learn some responsibility. Willie buys John Luke a truck, and Si gets one for himself and sends off his old truck by blowing it up.

4 “Si-Yonara” October 17, 2012
Feeling that the crew is not working enough, Si quits his job. Willie hires a guy to take Si’s place, but Jase and the guys immediately hate him.

5 “Fowl Play” October 24, 2012
Jase breaks into Willie’s office, prompting Willie to install a surveillance system. Meanwhile, Sadie does chores at Phil and Miss Kay’s house.

6 “Sweatin’ Bullets” October 24, 2012
On an unbearably hot day, the air conditioner goes out, so Willie calls a repairman – Mountain Man. Meanwhile, to get cooled down, Jase and the guys turn the lake into a redneck water park and the entire family comes down to cool off and have fun.

7 “Spring Pong Cleaning” November 7, 2012
After Korie decides the junk piles in the Duck Commander warehouse are beginning to reach critical mass, she calls on Willie and the guys to do a little company spring-cleaning. But the discovery of an old Ping-Pong table deep within the clutter quickly turns the chore into an all-day table tennis tournament. Meanwhile, an embarrassing mistake during a muscadine berry-gathering trip leads Si to visit the eye doctor for the first time in years.

8 “Good Morning, West Monroe” November 7, 2012
After attending a local radio show as a guest, Willie sees an opportunity to host a show of his own. When the station gives him the opportunity, Willie makes the mistake of bringing Uncle Si on the air with him. Jase gets fined by his neighborhood homeowners association for a multitude of local infractions, and decides to fight his case like a true Robertson.

9 “Samurai Si” November 14, 2012
Willie receives a special gift from a Japanese business associate – a “priceless” samurai sword, which Willie keeps out of the hands of Jase and the guys. But when Willie leaves the office, Jase and Si can’t help but put the weapon to the test and soon they find themselves searching for a repair shop that can handle ancient Japanese steel. Back home, Willie and Phil decide to take his daughter Sadie out for some shooting lessons.

10 “Of Mattresses And Men” November 14, 2012
Jase, Si and the guys from the duck call room take a field trip to a brand new local donut shop and quickly find out who amongst them can eat the most delicious treats. Si wins the contest and parlays his winnings into raffle tickets for a brand new camper, which he wins and soon converts his new prize into his own personal office. Meanwhile, Willie gets roped into a furniture-buying excursion with Phil and Miss Kay, which quickly turns awkward.

11 “Duck No We Won’t Go” November 28, 2012
Willie pushes his work force too far after implementing new “motivational work tactics,” and the guys rise up against him and go on strike. But creating a picket line Duck Commander-style isn’t as effective as they hoped. Miss Kay decides to take her home cookin’ to the streets of West Monroe with her very own food truck.

12 “Drag Me to Glory” November 28, 2012
When NASCAR sensation Clint Bowyer pays a visit to the Duck Commander warehouse, Willie and the guys are fired up to spend the day hanging out with the professional racecar driver. But too much enthusiasm about the celebrity’s mode of transportation turns into a drag race showdown between Willie and Clint. Phil and Si have their hands full fixing Miss Kay’s barbecue when a trip to the outdoor grill store turns disastrous.

13 “I’m Dreaming of a Redneck Christmas” December 5, 2012
Christmas special. Willie plays Santa Claus at the local church, but the event proves disastrous when Uncle Si crashes the party. Meanwhile, Jase and the Duck Commander guys hopelessly try to put Christmas yard decorations up for Miss Kay while she and Phil go out to look for a Christmas tree. Note: This is the one-hour, second season finale, and was the highest rated telecast in A&E history.

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