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Duck Dynasty Commercial at Barkley Elementary School

A&E is filming a top secret (well sort of) promo/commercial for Duck Dynasty at a small school called Barkley Elementary in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. The Phoenixville newspaper leaked a photo and info about the shoot after locals kept pressing for details. Apparently there was a school board hearing where officials confirmed a commercial was being shot at the schoo, but they wouldn’t mention which show.

Well by the looks of this photo, I think it’s pretty safe to say we’re looking at Duck Dynasty.

(Photo: Bob Byrne)

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Duck Dynasty Season 3 Premier in UK

I wonder if folks across the pond in the United Kingdom can relate at all to the premise of Duck Dynasty. On one side you have tea and crumpets, on the other you have deep fried frogs and sweet iced tea.

Nonetheless, the third season of A&E’s unscripted series Duck Dynasty will receive its UK premiere on History on Thursday May 30th at 10pm. Season 3 was great and getting an international broadcast of their show has to be great for Duck Commander and the Robertson family brand.

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Duck Dynasty Season 4 Production

An A&E TV executive issued a release last week stating that Season 4 of Duck Dynasty will begin production very soon, with episodes slated to air later this year. I’m guessing it starts sometime in September (Season 2 started in October). And we could possibly see Duck Dynasty move into a 9pm start time rather than 10pm. With it being A&E’s most popular show right now, they should move it to prime time – making it easier for those of us on the east coast to tune in.

The Robertsons were reportedly asking for $400,000 per episode, each. Despite ongoing negotiations for a much deserved pay raise, the Robertson family has decided not to hold out and will continue to put their lives on camera for our enjoyment.

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Duck Dynasty Season Finale Has 9.6M Viewers

According to TVByTheNumbers (which wikipedia uses as a source), the season 3 finale of Duck Dynasty that aired this week registered 9.63 million US viewers. Making it the most watched Duck Dynasty episode every, breaking the previous record by just over 1 million viewers. The Season 3 premier had 8.62 million viewers.

Duck Dynasty has concluded this season as the most watched cable program, and the best original show in AE’s history. The cast is fighting for a pay raise (much deserved in my opinion), but you can guarantee we’ll see a Season 4 in the near future.

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