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Duck Dynasty Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1

1 “Family Funny Business” March 21, 2012
Miss Kay tries to make a cooking video for their fans, but comes across some challenges. Meanwhile, Jase distracts the Duck Commander employees by building a test facility.

2 “CEO for a Day” March 21, 2012
Phil teaches his grandchildren how hard work pays off by enlisting their help to build a family football field. Meanwhile, Willie and Jase make a bet that Jase can’t handle being CEO of Duck Commander for a day.

3 “High Tech Redneck” March 28, 2012
A large order is placed at Duck Commander, and in order to keep up, Jase and the other employees decide to build a conveyor belt. Meanwhile, Phil and Si declare war against the beavers who are disrupting their water supply.

4 “Frog in One” March 28, 2012
Jase and Willie ditch their kid’s career day for a game of golf because of a bet they made. They send Phil and Si as their replacements, which makes for an interesting day. Later, Jase, Godwin, Si, and Phil return to the golf course to hunt frogs Jase saw in the pond, and have a run-in with security.

5 “Redneck Logic” April 4, 2012
After blowing up one of Phil’s antique duck blinds, the boys hatch a plan to build a new one. Meanwhile, Miss Kay holds a yard sale and ends up selling some of the boys’ prized possessions.

6 “Too Close for Comfort” April 4, 2012
Jase believes that he should have his own office, but Willie refuses, so Jase decides to build one of his own. Meanwhile, Willie takes the day off to go to the petting zoo with Miss Kay and the grandkids, where Miss Kay decides she wants a pet goat.

7 “Leave it to Beavers” April 11, 2012
Phil rounds up the Robertson men for another mission against the beavers on his property, but things don’t go as well as he’d hoped. Meanwhile, because of her passion for cooking, Miss Kay decides that she wants to open her own restaurant.

8 “A Big Duck-ing Call” April 11, 2012
To celebrate Duck Commander’s 40th anniversary, Willie decides to build the world’s biggest duck call. Meanwhile, Miss Kay and Phil go house-hunting, which Phil isn’t too pleased about.

9 “Sauvignon Beard” April 18, 2012
Willie buys a winery, hoping to make a line of Duck Commander wine, although he doesn’t know anything about making it. Meanwhile, Miss Kay puts Phil and Si in charge of looking after their granddaughters for the day.

10 “Plan Bee” April 25, 2012
While hunting, Willie, Jase, and Si discover a wild bee hive and hatch a plan to capture it, although things don’t quite go as planned. Meanwhile, Korie and Jessica become trapped while looking for duck decoys to use at a local carnival game.

11 “Daddy’s Got a Gun” May 2, 2012
After discovering that his daughter Sadie has a boyfriend, Willie decides to get to know him by taking him hunting, and brings Jase along. Meanwhile, Phil and Si take Sadie on a trip of their own.

12 “Fishin’ for Business” May 9, 2012

Willie and Jase compete to see who can catch and sell the most fish, bringing their sons as well as Si and Phil along to help. Meanwhile, Miss Kay and Korie decide to launch a line of Duck Commander aprons, but their lack of sewing knowledge leaves them stuck until Si pitches in.

13 “Redneck Roadtrip” May 16, 2012
Jase tricks Willie into letting him use the Duck Commander RV, and he brings Jep, Martin, and Si along for a road trip. Meanwhile, chaos is caused when Willie finds an alligator in Phil and Miss Kay’s yard.

14 “Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner” May 23, 2012
The Robertson men and women compete in their annual turkey cook-off, with Phil as the judge. Later, Phil visits the Duck Commander office and begins making some ‘renovations’ that don’t please Willie.

15 “Willie Stay or Willie Go” May 23, 2012
When Willie is offered another job, he takes the Duck Commander crew on an employee retreat in order to help him figure out what to do. However, things quickly turn sour when the men find that Willie has taken them to a team building camp.